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    Elisa Keisha

    Physical Confrontation

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    by , 01-29-2008 at 10:36 AM (1064 Views)

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    well, im starting this blog basically because i have been almost forced to write anygodamnthing. so here i am. (lmaaao)

    I am a little skinny physically weak person. I had my battles when i was a kid, and i have been called "iron knee", but... those days passed by as everybody would get bigger and stronger, and i developed my speech and diplomatic tactics to avoid and stop any conflict.

    I have always hanged out with more men than women, and some violent men i should say. in my teenage years we had at least one "battle" every weekend. i don't know where so many "enemies" were coming from. they would start fighting there in front of me and i would just back up and watch the madness. they didn't let me get in the middle and the fights were always over some stupid reason so there was no way i was getting in the middle and hurt for a stupid reason anyways. I was usually the one trying to talk to the other "band" and explain them how my friend/s was just drunk or whateva. nah mean.

    So... as i was always the one in the back.. watching people getting hurt and all the craziness, i grew even more scared of physical confrontation and of being hurt. and losing any trust in my own ability to hurt anybody. i always lose any "joke" fights with my friends and cousins in one minute.
    so much it has put in some situations where i should have stand up and do whateva necessary, but i have chosen to watter it down to avoid further conflict.

    It came to a very critic point when my man, a girlfriend of us and me were walking down the street, and my man saw this dude on my back joking about touching my pretty behind, so he confronted him, and the fool reacted all stupid so my man, that cant take any kind of bullshit, started kicking his ass.
    this was all in one second.. so i got really scared, paranoid and shocked while watching my man on the floor with this fool grabbing his dreadlocks. I don't even know what i did. i think i just started to scream hysterically, cause i didn't even know why he had to get into that in the first place! and i was only thinking about all the friends of this fool that were inside the bar...
    so it had to be our girlfriend who got in the middle and pressed her fingers in the fool's eyes and he stopped grabbing my man's locks (he lost one) and get off him. I WAS SO ASHAMED! so so so so so so.
    I decided this was the last time i let my fears got in between me and the Real Thing going on.

    So.. i know i have to join some self-defense classes. and I am reading a great book suggested by my dearest warrior Daisho.
    and at the same time, im improving my self-confidence while working alone in a store in a socially problematic area. I been tried to be robbed like many times already. the worst time was when these Moroccan young ins entered the store, and they were like 6 of them. and started taking stuff.. i had to grab them, fight for the stuff and get them out of there (they run with some things tho). and just last week i had to confront two different tall and strong men in their 30's who could have easily push me and run but apparently felt intimidated by me! these fools... i still don't understand why they dont just get off me and run! but i have managed to stay calm and firm and look into their eyes while i say some intimidating stuff, lol.

    But im growing really confident! i hope not too much.. im starting to grab the scissors every time i see one suspicious m/f...

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    1. Jacuma's Avatar
      Very interesting Spanish Rose, your command of English is better than mine, (you giving lessons?) sidebar: were your pants painted on that day?

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    2. Elisa Keisha's Avatar
      hmmm? im lost

      and thank u for the corrections

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    3. Draptomania's Avatar
      "Pants painted on tight" = were you wearing tight pants? LOL...lemme practice my spanish~ żEra ella los pantalones muy apretada?

      It all comes down to control...this reminds me of one time my ex was about to get shot..and I stood in front of the shotgun...and negotiated with the dude. After it was over, I was like "What the hell? That was STUPID!!!" LOL

      Keep a blade (I know I do) If people think you got a weapon, they are more apt to leave you the hell alone. You can always let me come over and kick some culo..hehehe

      You will be fine, don't worry!


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    4. Draptomania's Avatar
      Oops...pants painted on = tight pants ...I need a nap

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    5. Elisa Keisha's Avatar
      oooh tight pants! i dont know why folks constantly assume i know all the slang.

      hmmm so what do you think tight pants have to di with it all jacuma????
      and the answer is probably i was, lol

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    6. Raha's Avatar
      I'm glad to see that you are learning to defend yourself better, Elisa. That is critical out there in the urban jungle.

      Shout-out to Daisho for dropping the knowledge on you.


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    7. jamal-s's Avatar
      I used to be the same way. Then when I was like in the 7th grade some dudes (probably in high school) tried to take my bike and a brand new watch. I was scared as hell, but they ended up not taking anything. After that I made up my mind that I was gonna learn how to fight and defend myself. So I started doing push-ups and crunches. I bought and checked out books, and took a Tae Kwon Do class (for about 3 months, I was out of town for the summer). After that I just practice what I had learned. I still wouldn't mind taking classes again, but transportation and money are my bigest problems (I've got all the time in the world). Now I've got a cheap butterfly knife, and a couple of other pocket knives too.

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    8. Sun Ship's Avatar
      Now that was an interesting story... the way you write, you got to write a book...for the way you broke it all down even in english, I'm sure there's a best seller there in Spanish (smile)... but I ain't lying, I really liked what I read ...just honest talk ... I can dig that...

      keep writing...


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    9. nattyreb's Avatar
      Awww... i'm glad you shared this and most of all, that you're feeling more confident in your ability to defend yourself and others!

      i'm not so glad that you're working in a store that's getting robbed so often, i hope you're still actively job hunting?

      Stay safe (as possible), Sista!

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    10. Elisa Keisha's Avatar
      me? gettin robbed? nah nah, they very rarely get away with anything! and its my boss gettin robbed after all. But i feel you. My man knows the area and wanted me to quit because HE was stressing. (wtf)
      but dont worry nattyreb, folks dont carry guns here. thats somethin!

      And thank you Sun Ship, lol@best seller in spanish, its appreciated. yeah that what my first grade literature teacher always told me that i had to write. maybe i mistaked my career.

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    11. Sun Ship's Avatar
      If YOU write a book, I know I got to get up to speed with learning Spanish now...(smile) Even in English you have a unique revolutionary perspective and life-experiance your brothers and sisters need to hear here in the US.

      Believe it or not, our people are still suffering from neo-colonial cultural isolation, which is hindering the unification of the Pan African world... all you have to do is think about all those nonsensical post (right here) attacking Spanish-speaking Africanos in the diaspora, as well as the disconnect some of our African-Latino brothers and sisters have with the English speaking African diasporan community.

      Also remember...your career is one thing, your life is another.


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