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    Free Soul

    Liberate Africa Economically

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    by , 04-14-2010 at 10:51 AM (474 Views)

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    As a child growing up in the dusty streets of Mtititi, a remote village east of Malamulele in the Far Northern Province, now called Limpopo Province after the democratic dispensation in 1994, I recall how monstrous Apartheid System, one of the worst form of crimes against humanity, made us strangers in our own country and poisoned us against liberation fighters who were in exile fighting for our self-worth. I recall how Afrikaners exploited black people for their personal gain. I am saddened by the extent of exploitation is continues unchallenged by the authorities 16 years into democracry. The brutal murder of Eugene Terre'Blanche, the leader of the righ wing group AWB, indicates how race-based exploitation is rife mainly in the Agricultural sector of the economy. It is in this sector where most undocumented Africans who have come to SA to seek better lives are being exploited. It is in this sector of the economy where Black people are paid as little as R27 a month. As I reflect on what was in farms 20 years ago...and what is happening now I ask myself how many more African soils are going to be treated like this...While the policies are in place to redress the matter how many more people are going to through this fate?

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    1. edwins's Avatar
      i feel you... there is no indication of your gender- for some reason i think you are a woman which does not sway my feeling for your plight and the plight of all africans. i recall the song 'stimela' by hugh masekala; that song says so much. it is indicative of exactly what is going on throughout the continent. we are being exploited! and the exploiters are the same all around the world...

      there is a branch of my church among the zulu people in south africa- when they visit the u.s. my first words to them are, "this is 'not' the land of the free; this is the home of the big rip off... watch your back". i had the opportunity to visit s.a. about 6 or 7 years ago... i am sorry i did not go.

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