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    A list of definitions we should know

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    by , 02-08-2008 at 12:56 AM (1849 Views)

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    COINTELPRO: Counter Intelligence Program: designed to destroy individuals and organization the FBI considers to be politically objectionable. Tactics included all manner of official lying and media disinformation, systematically levying false charges agianst those targeted, manufacturing evidence to obtain their convictions, withholding evidence that might exonerate them and even the assassination of "key leaders." The FBI says that COINTELPRO ended in 1971; all reasonable interpretations of FBI performance indicate it continues today, albeit under other code-names.

    agent provocateur: a widely used tactic which involves the infiltration of targeted organizations with with the expressed purpose of engaging in illegal act which could then be attributed to key organizational members. Agent provocateurs were also routinely assigned to disrupt the internal functioning of targeted groups and assist in the spread of disinformation.

    bad-jacketing or snitch jacketing: the practice of creating suspicion through the spread of rumors, manufacture of evidence, ect. Bonafide organizational members in key positions are usually targeted and lies are spread suggesting they are FBI/police informers, guilty of skimming organization funds and the like.

    Black Propaganda: the fabrication and distribution (leaflets, pamphlets) "on behalf of" targeted organizations/individuals designed to misrepresent their positions goals or objectives in such away as to publicly discredit them.

    Disinformation: false information intended to mislead.

    Factionalism: The dividing or splintering of one group into smaller groups. This spread-too-thin effect has been the death of many pro-independence groups.

    Fabrication of Evidence: A widely used FBI tactic. The withholding of exculpatory evidence which might serve to block conviction of key individuals facing criminal prosecution. This includes the intimidation of witnesses and the use of coercion to obtain false testimony.

    Informer: undercover agent who performs in the capacity of gathering information about the a targeted organization for the purpose of exploiting its weaknesses.

    Pseudo-Gangs: phony organizations designed to "confuse, divide and undermine" as well as do outright battle with authentic dissident groups.

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