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    Reply to Venom

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    by , 09-02-2009 at 03:48 PM (650 Views)

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    In order to fully understand this post check these two raido shows
    Voice of Venom 18AUG09
    On The Real Side-Emmett Abati Doe

    web address at end of post

    This was a very good broadcast, sorry I missed it.
    I could have added some insight. There is so much
    that was explored and I wanna comment on all of
    it. I ask for the help of the eternal in this afford.
    first I don't remember ever seeing Lawrence Fishburn
    in a dress or anything of that ilk. But sadly he is
    the only one I can think of and that is sad in itself.
    As far as the date.The date would be more like 6249
    if you add the date from the Stella that states the record
    of dijeti (kings)

    You talked about the case of Emmett Abati Doe.
    After listening to the radio show I see he is the closest
    person to my position that I have found. I want to talk
    to you and him at the same time. taking a bit of
    information provided by Neely Fuller, Jr there are 8 areas
    of activity's we should be looking at.

    9.war/counter war


    We know the the areas of culture, education,entertainment,
    labor,religion,sex and war/counter war are being and have
    been looked at closely, but we still see more people looking at
    these areas, that are already being covered. What is happening
    to us in the area of economics and most importantly law/politics.
    (the people handling our politics are not working for us.)

    Because those are areas of real power. Not that the others have
    none. But understanding the working of them will not free you.
    I know that the warriors will disagree. All I can say to that is
    " One time for my warriors my heat-carries and all my buffalo
    soldiers" BUT!
    These areas need to be handle by us, as any other nation
    (if we are ever to be looked at as a nation)
    would handle them. But of cause you have to first have a nation.
    Which is why I think that Emmett Abati Doe is near to the point. Because he seems more then most to understand international law. There are unfortunately to many barriers to overcome,
    with his way, (and we are still depending on the power of others and not our own.) Let me say at this point that I am not a lawyer.
    I am just a person who was looking for a way out and had like
    minds to work with. Let me share what we have found. I don't
    think that these will be new revelations to you but I might have a
    new way of using the information. After all is said and done,
    Intelligence is in the application of the information.
    Look at the madness that is pervasive in the community.
    I am talking about African groups looking for government assistance.
    (401c non-profit) Some are the same people that are also talking about how bad the government is. That is called belligerence! You want the government to fund your take down of the government! If we don't tell them who we are, and that we are not a party to their action then we must be a party to it. Otherwise you are a revolutionary!
    Africans don't need to be revolutionary (FREEDOM FIGHTERS YES!) a revolutionary wants to change the system. This is
    Part of a word game that is ever ongoing. We should not want any part of the system. And it should be clearly stated!
    This is called a lawful action and is international in scope.
    That was the error of the panthers! If your part of the system that you are ask/demanding something then your ether a good citizen or a bad one, and no one should want to be a bad citizen.
    We should with the power that we have right now which are numbers (if acting like a nation) be partners with Venezuela not asking for help! I know what your thinking. "That niggers crazy" And you would not have been the first to say so. (ever hear of crazy like a fox?)
    I am taking the time to write this because I think Abati (if I may call you that--I like that name and fell good using it to address you.) someone poked a hole in your box, and some light (that I am seeing also) got in.
    Here is my point this thing that is being called the matrix is it real?
    well one thing for sure, you can bet your ass that it has a real effect
    on us. But again one has to ask the question is it real?
    My answer to that is "NO" it is a group of assumptions and we react
    in line to what we assume to be true. Abati has stated that
    the reason that they fell they can do anything to us is because we
    are spoils of war. This is a correct way of looking at our situation.
    albeit the oppressor's point of view.
    We know that no man is born a slave, that ever one comes into this
    life naked. So for me to tell you that you have the right to be free.
    Is not really telling you anything that you don't know in your heart.

    We must declare that we are not part of this system. This is what
    a lawyer would call rebutting the assumption. It is assumed that you are (part of the system). and that you are just being belligerent, and who knows what a belligerent person will do.
    Most of the Africans in the unites States say their are citizens. Well it is the government's duty to protect their citizens. (in what ever way they fell is needed after all you ask for it -it is assumed) As a matter of fact there would be no need for government if it were not for that reason. the deal is this. You give support to the government and in return the government gives protection. Now using the logic of politics. That would means if no protection no support. I'm sure the worries will agree with that. Now, that does not mean that the next step is all out war. If we are to state that what we really want is to be left to ourselves, then we can't
    start a battle to be left to ourselves. That does not compute!
    warriors should only be active when there is no other way. I brought this topic up on living in black radio and was shut down. The host of the show has a problem with warriors that come on the show and state whats on their mind and what they think the reaction should be. But he also has a problem with
    a political approach. His remedy is to get out of the united States and go to guinea. My question to that line of thinking is " What about the people that will still be here when you leave? Every thing that we do and plan has to be for the people here. Why? because you will never help all of Africa with some kind of aid.
    Once inspired they will be able to do way more for themselves and us than we could ever dream. But the inspiration must happen first, I think we are in the perfect place to do just that. Dr.Wilson gave us the plan before he left. How to implement it is left to us. I have some ideas. It is hoped that this has sparked your interest if so
    please check these article and more important we need to dialog!
    In case I was not clear what is missing from our equation is economics, law and it's twin politics. You may think that we have cover that... I disagree! Please understand that these articles are not an means to an end, they are tools. You will see that this information can be applied to anyone but are used on us. Also some of them were done years ago and need to have the languish revised but the information is valid, it is just new information demands that our case be handle
    in a unique way.
    Open letter to brother kedid
    An open letter to Brother Keidi
    The new Mississippi
    The New Mississippi

    Most people with a plan don't have a voice,
    Most people with a voice don't have a plan!

    All we need to be free is to openly declare it!

    The eternal will bless the mind that has it's own.
    Use the magic in your mind!

    DAY SO (geneticmemory)

    Dev Samael Daval

    The Eyes when you rearrange the letters they see!

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