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    The Afrika Krew Must Float By The Grace Of Jah Almightyness.

    Ahh,shanti:independent Joy

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    by , 02-04-2008 at 10:22 PM (2786 Views)

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    may We Free Ourselves

    Of Blame

    In Order To Experience The Joy That We Have Always Deserved.

    A Heart Of Light

    Is Walking Ahead Of This Transatlantic Dementia

    So That We May Sculpt Students Out Of Sloths

    And Holy Folk From What Was Once Bitter Fibre!

    Through Communicating From A Genuine Place To One Another

    We Experience A Breath Of Nonreactive Loving Gratitude

    Not Only To Sustain Ourselves Daily

    But Also To Strive
    For Creating A Life Of Peace Within

    And True Togetherness/justice For All!


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    1. abuy nfubea's Avatar

      ... And always we remind you that "The Power To Win Reparations Is In Our Hands!"

      Uhuru Brothers and Sisters
      We informed you that Sunday October 12th Columbus Day, as in previous editions, Afrikan/Black/indigenous community we will make another march for Reparation. This time we have reorganized an open platform called Platform for reparation and non-violence, from which we invite you to everyone. The background to this platform, are:

      a) 1st conference Bicentenary of Haiti Revolution 2004, The March free Dombele Angolan young brother killed by skin head 2005, The struggle for the Inclusion of African descent in the 2005-2008 Spanish cooperation plan, the 2nd Pan Africanist Congress of Spain in December 2005, March for the Reparation of Africa October 12, 2006 led by the Pan African Federation and the FV-GEV (in which we signed the manifesto Reparation for Africa now: We are not criminals we are workers, for a nation universal human

      b) the Lisbon European Humanist Forum (2006) and the II Conference on Dialogue among Cultures, in Lavapies on Sunday June 21, 2008. In those days, it was decided to give continuity to this march that will take place on October 12 each year, as an alternative to military parades and folk. We want to have strength and colour, but also denounce situation of African inmigrants in Spain, content and the demand for reparations for slavery and colonialism African descent.

      This year's topic of the march will - NOT against the eurodirective of Shame. "Blacks and Indians are united by REPARation."
      So far over 30 organizations and 250 individuals have joined in addition to the major African organizations in Lisbon, Belgium, London, Paris, Barack Obama, Louis Farrakahn, the MLK Foundation, MXGM, NCOBRA, GAC,ITRAP, PARCOE, the Embassy of Bolivia intellectuals like Molefi Asante, Omali Yeshitela, Sther Ekwa, Aminata Umoja, Jorge Medina, Rashid Runoko, Chekow Lumumba, Akinyele Umoja, Ourance Campbell, the advisor of the humanist movement Silo, president Evo Morales the Senegalese community, Ecuadorian, nigerians , Santo Domingos, Colombian, Bolivians, Bangladesh, Gypsies and Jews community from Spain.
      We want to bring about 5,000 people and buses from barcelona, bilbao, almeria, valencia, sevilla, murcia and lisboa, and some speaker from London, Ecuatorial Guinea, Paris and Colombia

      Since the issue is black reparations, we invite all organizations and people of African descent to join and lead this platform to ensure the success of our marches, and break with the traditional Negroes intellectuals' indifference.
      On July 21 we will presented the founding document of our platform and begin to work. Next Monday in Lavapies (Disco Juglar, calle Lavapies, 23; 18.30h metro lavapies)


      Abuy NFUBEA
      spokesman platform for the reparation and non violence
      Spain (ITRAP-PARCOE)

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