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    The Afrika Krew Must Float By The Grace Of Jah Almightyness.

    Jena:i Want Freedom For My Babies

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    by , 02-04-2008 at 10:23 PM (1760 Views)

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    For Louisiana

    Has Already Been Through Enough

    Black Kids Removing The Illusions Of A Separate Reality

    By Sitting Ever So Peacefully Under A Tree

    Sprung From Pure Earth For All Of Us To Share In Jena Town

    Where They Too Were Born And Raised

    And Set Free To Fly On Away From Home

    To Learn Something New To Bring Back Home

    The Serpent Makes An Appearance

    To Deter All Natural Esteem

    By Wagging It's Toungue Bout Supremacy

    To Trusting Minds That Follow Orders

    Hissing It's Way Through Innocent Hands To Knot Ropes Into Nooses

    For The Ones Who Sat

    Under A Supposed "white" Tree

    In 2007

    And Loved Ahead Of Thier Time

    And Just Because They Was Taught To Hit Back Harder When Hit

    Don't Mean They Belong In Joo-vee

    And It Don't Mean That They Was Wrong To Fight Neither

    Means That We Forgot We Was Everybody

    Black Cousins In A World Where We Need Each Other

    And Friends Who Got They Arms Folded In A Jury

    As The Overgrowth Of Fear And Despair

    Chokes The Little Lights Sent Here To Make It Right

    I-n-i Want A Justice So Strong Within

    Yet Our Hands Bleed With Rage Before We Begin

    Send A Healing Ray To Jena-town Right Now

    Send A Healing Ray Of Love To Jena Right Now

    Send A Letter To Some Children Freedom Fighting Right Now


    So We Can Walk Together Reunited Long Ways From Now

    Though I Recognize The Master Plan

    Some Things Just Don't Feel Right

    Like Six Children Doing Heavy Jail Time

    For Sitting Up Under A Tree


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    1. nattyreb's Avatar
      Asante sana, Queen Sista! You've placed so much gold up here it took me a minute to take it all in, whew! Nuff respect due for your profound words, your love for the people, and sharing your gift with us all! Keep on!

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