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    who gets the blame?

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    by , 02-12-2012 at 02:46 AM (836 Views)

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    Who’s to Blame?
    Who’s to blame the thief or the victim ,who’s to blame the victim or the thief, who’s to blame the thief or the victim ……………when we talk about slavery why the contradiction.
    If a man steals a car is he not responsible because the car was there …and it was pretty, he is responsible for his actions.
    When a women is attacked and the defense attorney tries making her culpable in her own attack because of the way she was dressed………….it is inane logic.
    Well over 400 yrs. ago our freedom was stolen and the unjust legacy we bare based on many interwoven fallacies is that it is our fault and everything that has happened to us since we deserve. Because of The Myth of Black inferiority which is slammed into our consciousness by mass media, television, magazines, newspapers and we are affected and infected.
    1. One of the defensive fallacies we must contend with is the “ your own people sold you into slavery”, while true in the end result what actually happened was that European gun runners offered to sell guns to one specific tribe , thus enabling them to triumph in a “tribal war”. But the only thing they would accept in payment was……………….slaves and one of the first arms races was on………….then the gun runners went to the other tribe with the same proposition.
    2. Once the monetary aspect was realized (free labor) it became imperative for the America to have slavery. Then the 300 piece human cargo started to make that dreadful “middle passage “also known as the bruise cruise. Now the best way to ensure that a defeated tribe would not be able to rise up again was to sell the royal family into slavery. Once the African nations realized that they were in fact selling off their best and brightest they went to the pope and asked him to stop the slavery, now remember that the Christian missionaries had been there “preaching the one god that loves all men” .they were promptly informed that they were only “7/8 of a man and therefore outside the grace an mercy of god" the slave traders will do what they will. Then the pope told the slaving nations to divide the Ivory Cost between them and have at it.
    3. The myth of black inferiority B.I. Black inferiority was in motion.
    4. Another myth is that slavery was in the bible and all over the world but what they don’t say or maybe don’t know is that the type of slavery used in “Rome ,Greece and Africa which includes Egypt by the way, was servitude that allowed a slave to maintain his “human “ status in the geography of humanity, families were allowed to stay to gether and the slave had some rights ,such as the right to own and work property and to work his way into society.The slavery practiced in America was the most brutal ever seen in the world to date “Chattel Slavery” did not allow or acknowledge the humanity of the slave ,we were property not humanbeings not allowed to keep our families intact.The slave master would sexually assault the wife while the man was made to wait outside.He could not protect his family < which is one of the definitions of a man he could not provide for his family ,which is what a man is supposed to do . To do so would mean to stand up to the slave master who could then maybe kill or main you horribly. The child of a chattel slave is born a slave also different from other types of slavery the myth of B.I> continues and is imbedded in our psyche.
    5. The slave codes were meant to further imbed B.I. ,Black slaves were kept and treated better than white “indentured servants.
    6. The slaves were fed in a trough just like the hogs some slaves worked into their early teens before being given pants “after all he is an animal, treat him like one” and he’ll act like one.
    7. Everyone doesn’t know that it was against the law for a slave to learn to read and write but why was it so …..because animals can’t read or write.
    8. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. The mechanism by which these GREAT men justified the brutal subjugation of a people is prejudice ,which unlike justice is truly blind.
    9. The men who wrote and signed the declaration of independence and the constitution were almost all slave owners ,not the beneficent , honorable Christian gentlemen that children are taught but they themselves took part in and condoned one of the most brutal systems in the world .
    10. to paraphrase a truly great man one whos shoes Thomas Jefferson is not worthy to carry “Someone told a lie…. And couched it in language,they said that you weren’t worthy, not good enough.Never let them take your manhood.” That was DR. Martin Luther King JR.
    one of many quotes that are not known.
    11 And we are made to feel inferior because someone was devious enough to manipulate our situation ,take us from our home , rip our wives husbands and children from our grasp to be sold and treated like beasts ? No I tell you we are not the guilty party in this equation, I teach my children to “own “ their good and their bad so I say to the white man “man up” you did it, you’re the thief in the words of a famous duck “you’re dispicable”!

    Let Freedom Ring……The manumition man cometh!

    1) 12 Once the emancipation came along and we had freedom to do whatever we wanted, sooooo let’s see my whole life I’ve known nothing but brutal servitude, not allowed to learn or to be a man in the since of protecting my family and providing for them “let’s not forget the master would come to the shack and rape our wives and daughters if we were with them and we had to wait outside” manhood was a foreign concept to us. The myth cuts deeper.

    2) Once we were free America had no more use for us and a little known fact is that Ole abe himself who stated that, and I paraphrase because the quote isn’t verbatim but the spirit in which said it is. “there is just some not equal about the negro” had on his agenda the beginnings of a plan to send us back to Africa “I don’t know about anyone else but I’m kinda glad he got his brains blown out.

    3) Now we have to deal with the Jim crow laws, the grandfather clause and many other laws and “traditions “ designed to keep us down , of course we all know about jim crow “white only fountains, diners and the buses wheew! But what some of us aren’t aware of is The grand father clause The Grandfather Clause was enacted by seven southern states during and after the reconstruction era to prevent freedmen from voting. The clause, designed to negate the 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which allowed black men to vote, significantly reduced African American political participation well into the 20th Century. Starting in Louisiana in 1898 and working its way into laws and constitutions in seven other states by 1910, the Grandfather Clause stated that all men or lineal descendants of men who were voters before 1867 did not have to meet the educational, property, or tax requirements for voting then in existence. This effectively allowed all white males to vote while denying the franchise to black men and other men of color. The Grandfather Clause, with its voting denial, became the centerpiece of a much larger system of discrimination and racial segregation.

    4) I’ll bet there were 43 old white men rolling over and over in their graves when President Obama “dipped” into the whitehouse. Let's not forget the last 400 yrs. ( my next posting will be on how they managed to write the bible and history to justify their own barbarism)

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    1. human53's Avatar
      my apologies for line 5 it should read "the black slaves were treated worse than the white indentured ".........does any body hear whats going on .the facts can be used to rebut that : "friendly open minded" white cat that is willing to discuss the race issue because he thinks he can floor you with the standard low cal logic ..... all I say is try it,familiarize yourself with these facts and socially engineer a situation to this topic and watch them take the bait and then SHUT'EM DOWN it workzzzzzzzzz

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    2. sozaboy's Avatar
      7. Everyone doesn’t know that it was against the law for a slave to learn to read and write but why was it so …..because animals can’t read or write.
      ive read wikipedia Education during the Slave Period - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and it says that slaves were allowed to both write and read but were soon forbidden to write around 1740-50 and later after 1831 where also forbidden to read both restrictions where enacted after slaveuprisings so i think it was basically out of fear of rebellion

      interesting stuff you write, ive come to similar results in my quest for truth overall

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