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    Im The Truth

    Blacks: Have to Vote....?

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    by , 09-11-2008 at 04:22 PM (24028 Views)

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    If you are Black do you really HAVE to vote? The answer is no. This may be a shock to many Black folks but we don’t have to do anything but stay Black and die – remember Joe Clarke in Lean on Me. I don’t try to convince people whether they should vote or not anymore but when I did, I’ve heard the craziness things. If you are like me you’ve heard this before many times, “What! Your ancestors died for the right to vote!” Or how about today with the Barack Obama celebrity fan base, “We’ve worked so hard to get a Black man who can become president you talking about not voting!” It’s always funny to me when I hear these things. Why? Well first who worked so hard? But let’s break down the #1 statement used to convince Black folks to vote for some lame duck. “Your ancestors died for the right to vote!” Is this really true? The 15th Amendment gave black folks the right to vote. Also just because some of Our Ancestors died in the process of voting does not mean they died for us to vote. All of us have some dead family members who died while doing crime does that mean they died so we can do crime? Or does it? The truth of the matter is Our Ancestors died for our freedom. Voting, at that time - the late 1800s, the 60s, 70s – was a strategy which failed. And if you don’t believe it failed then why is it we have more Black elected officials than ever before and crime and institutional racism (ie judicial system, education system) has increased? And Black economics (housing, jobs, etc), social, and cultural order are all in disarray? Aren’t these the things elected officials are supposed to fix? It is no secret the voting strategy has not worked.

    I remember in the 2004 elections people were talking about voting for "the lesser of two evils". What a crazy concept, don’t you think? Especially considering there are more options than two. You have all the other political parties (i.e Green Party, Libertarian Party, etc) and you also have the right not to vote as well. I find it’s important to lean on the shoulders of our Ancestors when making difficult decisions like “voting for the lesser of two evils”. In the Ballot or the Bullet speech by Malcolm X he said,

    “The political philosophy of Black nationalism means that the Black man should control the politics and the politicians in his own community; no more. The Black man in the Black community has to be re-educated into the science of politics so he will know what politics is supposed to bring him in return. Don't be throwing out any ballots. A ballot is like a bullet. You don't throw your ballots until you see a target, and if that target is not within your reach, keep your ballot in your pocket.”

    So why are we wasting ballots? Keep your ballot in your pocket. Also please don’t tell me about how Obama is going to change Washington. Obama can’t even have a Black preacher without denouncing him for political reasons (read: for yt folks votes ). Mr Obama’s change according to his website has nothing to do with the Black community. Also his change is nothing different than politics as usual. The only different is he’s Black. History, especially in American and African history, has shown us, that any Black person yts backs is 99.99% of the time absolutely against the Black community.

    Ok, I think that’s enough typing.

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    1. Fenix's Avatar
      I was thinking of something to add to this but you pretty much covered the bases. I definitely agree with the points that you made. I was once confused about what our ancestors had died for post-Emancipation. Now I understand that they died because they placed false hope in the fundamentally flawed system. With my new understanding of the situation, I would say that the ancestors wouldn't want us to fall into the same traps.

      Election time always makes me think. Nice blog.

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    2. Im The Truth's Avatar
      If you were to look at the voting history among Black people in ameriKKKa it becomes obvious what's going on:

      Right after the Emancipation (1860s) Blacks begin to vote. In order to make life better for Black people. Hence the civil rights bill of 1866, and 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments.
      10 year period
      After Reconstruction (after late 1870s) Black stop voting.
      90 year period
      Once the Civil Rights Bill of 1964 (notice this was passed almost 100 years ago) was signed Black begin to vote again. Attempting to vote out racist. We are still in this period today. As of the last two elections Black people have voted in record numbers.

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    3. KhadijahA's Avatar
      A thoughtfully written and thought provoking piece.
      Im The Truth, I agree with your observations and assessments, but would change slightly your statement about our ancestors "dying for their right to vote at that time." I don't believe they wanted to die. They simply wanted to vote; and yes, concretize or codify that perceived right for their progeny: to vote, OR not vote, whichever best served to benefit them, at any given time.

      You are a prolific and thoughtful writer. May you be blessed to continue to give us all something to ponder.

      Grace & Peace


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    4. fucdapolice's Avatar
      HOTEP ...



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    5. edwins's Avatar

      you hit the head on the nail, brotha... you are exactly right. i now view elections very differently than i used to. now, i think my energy should be spent locally where i can do some good- instead of on national politics it is either that or opt out all together...

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    6. DarkManJah's Avatar
      i like your reasoning about blacks died while committing crimes; so should we all go out and commit crimes, too? LOL Whenever an Afrikan student would try and read me by saying our Ancestors died for the vote, i would respond by saying, well, our Ancestors ALSO died to keep us from being kidnapped and bought here to this sewer of a society. How do you honor THEIR legacy? Of course, silence would envelope the classroom, lol, as suddenly everyone became speechless and uneasy. A good counterargument, i learned from Omowale, is a mofo!

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    7. cliffwms44's Avatar
      Were we hood-winked, does the President have the gift of gab oh yeah in his campaign he talked a hungry cat off a fish cart. Did he carry out the hit list, because the others could not, they were in bed with those leaders in the middle east, so Clinton, bush's could not. It was all about the money and Obama is the janiter it's a shame because I like him but you can't clean up a mess by making a mess. Now another African American has been president eigther not recognized or blamed> history is present. Now the stage has been set another election year Iran has a US drone will this be used against us, but our government is so stupid or did Hilary set the stage. I always said that 9/11 was about someone got burned for some money those folks who passed collateral damage suspects> In order for us to live some of us must die.
      That is a painful truth. Does Herman Caine know how black he is now. Now to hold these insider stock trading people in government to the full extent of the law, tune in next episode of screw the people who built this country.

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