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    Im The Truth

    I Love My Root Doctor part 1 of 4

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    by , 09-17-2009 at 07:52 PM (6041 Views)

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    It's been a while send I wrote in this blog but after looking there the post of herbs I decided to add my 2 cents about what I know and how herbs have affected me. Over time I have use attempted to use some different herbs to heal myself so I'm going to share some of my findings with everyone else. The herbs and natural medicines I have used include lemon, ginger, mullein, eucalyptus, frankincense, garlic, peppers, slippery elm, cumin, water, honey. There is a probably more but I can't think of it now. Those herbs and natural substances are the ones I'll talk about of thing 4 part series. I try to learn the old way of doing certain things because the old way may be more effective and efficient. I'm not the kind of person who wants to do things the old way for the sake of it but I'm interested in what's effective and efficient.

    There are some inventions and methods that work better than the old way of doing the same thing, like a gas or electric stove is much better than cooking over a fire, but other things aren't as useful. This is the problem capitalism creates for technology and methodology in our lives. For example there are 100s of cleaning products some very expensive and others considered cheap yet 99% of all cleaning product have two active ingredients, bleach and water. If they are trying to make it "special" other active ingredients will be baking soda, lemon, or vinegar and they'll be listed by their scientific names on the back rather than by their common names. Capitalism teaches us to buy an expensive cleaning product instead of mixing water and vinegar, bleach, or baking soda. All common substances in people's homes. If used like the old way people would save a lot of money today. So the old way of doing things is not always a bad way of doing things. Many times it cost less, last longer, and is better for you.

    But back to the herbs, I'll start with my most favorite herb Mullein. I've smoked mullein, taken the extract, had the tea, and I'm currently making some of my own mullein tonic. There will be more conjuring to come . Anyways mullein is good for lung problems and ear infections. I've never used it for ear infections but I hear it works. It makes sense that it works because the ear, mouth, sinus, nose, and throat are all part of the upper repository system and that's where mullein works its magic. Many common upper repository problems are due to the excessive mucus. Mullein is a natural expectorant it thins and removes mucus. It also calms spasm in the lungs and has a soothing element to it. The extract and tea are the strongest in my opinion but smoking it also works. The good part is buying mullein leaves is cheap it's like $2 an ounce. For all you weed smokers you know $2 an ounce is cheap den a mf, nah too cheap to be real. Lol.

    The next natural substance I'll talk about will be simple ole Lemon. Everyone has lemons or can get them some. You may have noticed when you have a cold or are sick the first thing someone tells you is drink tea with lemon and honey. There is a perfectly good explanation for that like mullein lemons are a natural expectorant (thins and removes mucus) and anti-bacterial too. Remember excessive mucus causes problems in the upper repository system (ear, mouth, sinus, nose, and throat). If there is a bacterial problem, lemons help with that too. You ever wonder why so many cleaning products include lemon? It's not just its smell though that's another benefit of lemon too; it kills odor, bacteria, grease, and stains. It's a natural cleaning product too. I seen on a survival show if you have to you can soke raw meat in lemon juice and that'll kill all the bacteria and you can then eat the meat. Of course that's only if you have too. Now some of you are out there saying wait a minute my mom/dad or grandma/pa use to soke their meat in lemons too. It wasn't just for flavor. I use to use lemon just in drinks like teas and water but on the day of my wedding I found myself hoarse and an ask an older man to get me a lemon and some water and he got it for me and was like, "I hope you aren't about to mix that just peel and eat the lemon like an orange." I was like WTF until I did it and realized a lemon is not as sour as I thought. Beyond that I was like got damn this stuff works fast! From then on I've been a great fan of eating lemon straight.

    As this post continues you'll see I'm a big fan of eating a lot of herbs straight. I will warn you though just because something is natural doesn't mean there isn't a limit. Just as medical drugs can hurt you if abused so can natural medicines if abused. Trust me I know, I'll get to that in part 2

    More to continue in part 2

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    1. Mayati Sekhmet's Avatar
      Oh wow, bro we have got to do some sharing!!!Thanks!!

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    2. Beatriz Aiffil's Avatar
      what happen? we are waiting 2, 3 and 4...

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    3. Im The Truth's Avatar
      Thanks you both for your comments I'll have pt 2 up very soon.

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