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    Some Hate Mail Received

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    by , 01-25-2008 at 06:57 PM (3610 Views)

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    I have been reading your site regularly for about
    > > a month now, and have enjoyed most of the
    > > far-reaching opinions featured there. However,
    > > mystery site 2 is the most offensive, backwards,
    > > feces-smeared, inaccurate site I ever seen. This
    > > site, the talking, is as bad or worse
    > > than the Aryan Nation website. The only
    > > difference is that it is black racism. And the
    > > articles are just plain stupid. Any person that
    > > can think or read above third grade level knows
    > > that zionism is not white supremacy .
    > >
    > > The Africans that created and maintain this site
    > > are no better than the Klansmen they preach
    > > against. Jews have had to take more crap than any
    > > black man. These imbiciles want to blame Jews for
    > > their enslavement, want to stand up for the Arab
    > > Muslims that sold their ancestors into slavery,
    > > and apparently want to have minority rule in the
    > > US. I thought your site was dedicated to
    > > free-thinkers, and did not cater to closeminded
    > > racists. Please do not become part of their
    > > hatred. Jews have had to suffer at the hands of
    > > Europeans and Arabs, to the extent of one madman
    > > tring to extinguish the entire race. Two magor
    > > religions are based on bastardization of the
    > > Jewish religion, and Christians in particular
    > > think they have the right to tell Jews how to
    > > think and worship. If this is the actual leanings
    > > of your site, please notify us that read the
    > > articles on your site if you are going to promote
    > > racism. If that is the case, I can stick to
    > > Common Dreams and for my free-thinking
    > > appetite. Thank you for reading my ravings, as a
    > > Jew I was highly offended at the above referenced
    > > website. Chris Roth

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    1. tyydae's Avatar
      But, Why the Big Foot Photo?

      Please don't tell me this was your way of giving him the "Gas Face."

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    2. Elisa Keisha's Avatar
      Jews have had to take more crap than any black man.

      LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's def one funny jew.
      anybody past third grade would laugh about this sentence. well and before third grade too.

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    3. Draptomania's Avatar
      Why people wanna read stuff that will hurt their feelings?

      He probably likes getting spanked with a nail studded paddle as well

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