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    Some Stormfront hate

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    by , 01-26-2008 at 04:23 AM (26136 Views)

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    This is the threat whites face from these subhumans all the time. That black face hates you, have no doubt! This is why our ancestors lynched these apes, it's the only thing that gets thru that thick negro skull and small, savage negro brain. Blacks are no better than feral dogs and should be treated accordingly. This is in response to 5 niggers attacking a white kid on video:

    From a thread on Assata

    ".............Yes it made all the sense in the world sista. I However I did enjoy watching the white boy get smashed!!.............."

    ".............Young Africans display this type of agression on a daily basis, i.e. gangs, crime amongst each other, its happens daily in our communities, matter fact Africans have been and are fighting each other all over the world.

    I dont advocate nonsense violence, but when a young yt gets stomped by some young Africans, I will not get up in arms about it. I get up in arms about the destruction were doing to one anohter, could care less about the enemy. Yt's already and will always see us as inferior, inhuman animals, so by no means will this fight deter how they truly feel about us..UHURU............."

    ".....but in the meantime...kick the crakkas ass for old and new!!........."

    ".............Im sure Khalid Muhammad would have been as proud as I was to finally see on the news, Africans attacking a non African. Whether it is random or not to me is of no significance, it's time for a new direction. If our battle starved warriors want to attack crakkas, i will not stand in their way, but assist them in becoming more strategic , direct, defined and thorough!!..........."

    ".........It doesnt matter if they kicked his ass or not, UNJUSTICE is what exist and is prevalant in this society. So whether we sit down and obey or if we battle it out and take it to the streets, we still end up at the bottom in this the struggle will always remain............."

    "............The amerikkkan white man has never won a guerilla war, can't fight a guerilla war and we've never given them a real or legitimate war.

    Those were sporadic acts of rebellion or what some call riots.

    Shootin 22 rifles and throwin rocks and bottles is not war even though a few had sophisticated weapons and the best homemade weapons to fight with.

    I mean who hasn't heard of the anarchist cookbook?............."

    Time to take action folks. You can join me and REPORT this website for threatening remarks/hatespeach to HOSTRACK.COM

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    Over 200 threads related to Assata Shakur on Stormfront

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    1. Elisa Keisha's Avatar
      Stormfront wants to tell on us for hatespeech????

      give me a goddam break!!

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    2. Fenix's Avatar
      I'm with you Sis. Elisa. This has to be a joke.

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    3. Draptomania's Avatar

      "Do as I say, not as I do"

      Once again, why look at something that will hurt your feelings? I don;t venture to stormfront, only because I think its a waste of time. But they all up in here~ nosy mferz

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