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    mental revolution

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    by , 03-14-2008 at 02:55 PM (761 Views)

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    Greetings to all!

    ive observed that the revolutionary struggle is one filled with martyrs. Its obvious that we struggle against gunz, bombs,money, and soulless individuals. I am beginning to see that for the revolution to be succesful it has to be an intellectual revolution. if we are able to succesfully create our own economic infrastructure, millitary defence unit, political structure etc.. we would simply "take over" with no debate. we must go through to get out and they will kill us everytime if we dont get our unity on! we cant fight fire with fire, so why not try another approach, we need to be universally militant, we need to syncretise all afro centric spiritual schools and create a unified livity/philosophy, we need to have a global community comciousness and we need to apply common sence knowledge and wisdom. From america to Afrika we can create a paradise on earth if we organize and centralize. Violence is necessarry on some fronts but not all and we must be victorious in all arenas!

    Humble, Perfect Love.....


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    1. Im The Truth's Avatar
      Cultural enslavement is far worse than physical enslavement. The later will not make you sell out but the former almost guarantees it.

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