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    by , 03-26-2008 at 06:16 PM (1483 Views)

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    Deez Spoken Lyrics Dat Cha Hear

    Do Not Belong 2 Me

    God Gave Royal Speech 2 Me

    4 U 2 See

    Wit Closed Caption Ghetto T.v.

    Deez Spoken Lyrics Dat Cha Hear

    Is B4...

    Was After...

    It Is....


    It's Gonna B


    Nelson Rating Viewers


    On Da Black Hand Side!

    Deez Spoken Lyrics Dat Cha Hear

    Gonna Spit Big....big!

    Like Da Katrina Blame!

    A Category Five Hurricane!

    Mayor Nagin's A Hero!

    Bush's A Heroic Lier!

    Da Kind Dat Set Twins On Fire!

    And Watch Em

    Fall....down...down...down...and Down!

    2 Da Ground!

    While Little Kids Dance And Play Around Singing!

    My Country Tis A Thee....

    Sweet Land Of Liberty...

    Of Thee I Sing!.......

    In Da Mist Of A Disaster

    Dis Lyrical Miracle

    Come Wit No Rehearses

    Can Crumble

    Da English Vocabulary

    Like Da Horns,

    Dat Broke Da Wall



    Can Skip

    Hit Da Cross Fader Wit Da Mix On Beat


    Reverse It 2 Da Hook

    Watch Da Battle Of Da Mc's

    Match Up

    Bump Da Needle

    So Da


    's Don't Front

    Drop A Nickel On It's Back

    So Da Lyrics Won't

    Chirk...chirk...chirka, Chirka, Chirk!.......scratch!

    Now Da Mike And Tweeters Are N Range

    Yet Bringing Spoken Word Poetry

    Through Ur Speakers!

    Da Gift 2 Verbally Engage

    As Deez Miracle Lyrical

    Spoken Lyrics Dat Cha Hear

    Da Apollo Theater Version!

    Conglomerate Ur Stage!

    Deez Spoken Lyrics Dat Cha Hear

    Do Not Belong 2 Me


    I Can't Take Em 2 My Grave!



    I Can't Spit Spoken Word On Judgment Day!


    Quote A Few Parables Then Pray!

    2 Persuade My Way 2 Da Savior!

    These Spoken Lyrics

    Gonna Drop Till...

    I Get 2 Da Gas Chamber!

    Like Tom Hank's "da Green Mile"

    Dead Man Walking....dead Man Walking...dead Man Walking

    But Stalking!

    Like Da Terminator!

    When He Terminated

    Tookie Williams!

    It Behoove's Me!

    Like Da Premier Of A Terminator 4 Movie!

    A Ghetto Warrior's Spirit!

    Never Die!

    Biggie And Pac Ain't Dead!

    They Threw Da Black Fist

    High Up N Da Air!


    Assume Da Position

    Of A

    Ghetto Soldier Instead!

    Da Words Tookie Wrote!

    I Live By!

    Stayed N My Head!

    Yet His Prophetic Lyrics

    Is 4 Children Of Today!

    Even Dough Da Crip's And Blood's

    Is Da Ghetto's Decay!

    Willie Lynch's Theory!

    Made It Dat Way!

    Da Gifts He Left 4 Kid's

    Will Never...

    Ever, Ever, Ever....ever!

    Go Away!

    So Go Tell

    Arnold Show Some Nigga!

    2 Make My Day!

    Deez Spoken Lyrics Dat Cha Heard!

    Didn't Come By Way

    Of Da....

    Grand Ole' Oprey!

    They Was!...


    Still Is!....god's Property!

    Tell Em!

    We Ain't Gonna Fight No Mo!

    No,....we Ain't Gonna Cuss!


    Deez Funky Azz Spoken Lyrics!

    Is A...


    Written By: Detroit's #1 Bad Boy!


    Jahlyric!! Make En Ya Feel It!!

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