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    After 2 years!!!!

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    by , 04-09-2008 at 07:41 PM (1278 Views)

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    I SAW HER TODAY!!!!!!!!

    I haven't seen my daughter since she was 11 months old. Me and her mother were a pair of young angry kids (she 19 me 21) when we had my JaJa. We seemed to never come eye to eye on anything so when we split our child suffered.

    Today I went to child support court with her mother who thought that would hurt me or whatever. I felt it was about time you began to acknowledge that she was my daughter. The paper work took less than 20 Min's in all. NO fussing NO fight NO judge. Just the court sign paper work telling me to pay this a month and she had to agree.....which wasn't a problem for either of us.

    Well the morning started stressed as I figured the court was cold, and I saw something that sort of upset me.....mainly our people filled the court. Brothers and sisters either in work cloths (warehouse work cloths) or street cloths. Me and my child's mother dressed....for court.

    We walked into the door I spoke to her (she didn't want to, still trying to be angry FOR WHAT I have no idea) AND we basically had to sit side by side in the issues though we are adults of course. I also sat by an older woman and her grandson who were also having issues with the mother of his child. She made a statement that shocked me a bit but at the same time she was right. "You don't look like you belong here" which none of us did.
    If you have a child with some one you should be able to talk out your issues....but I guess that is hard in this world where everybody wants to be the boss.

    The paperwork done My daughters mother tried to rush from the court room. I walked her down and asked her a few questions trying to start a conversation. Soon enough the location of my child came up and it was said that she was HERE.

    I took a deep breath followed her to the car to see her.........and my baby standing there looking just like with her shy look. I tried to hold it in but the emotional start to this year and the fact that I haven't seen her since she was in diapers broke me down. I tried away and weeped for have a second. Realizing that I may scare my child I straightened up to talk to her hugged her and told her (loud enough for her mother to hear) "I'm not going this long again without seeing you again"

    We then went by my mothers job sending a few more moments with my child because it would be a while before I saw her again. Also her mother was rushing to jump back on the road for another 4 hour trip to Atlanta from Savannah. I hugged her kissed her and told her I loved her. Getting her clothing size from her mother I made it clear that just because I will be paying a "fee" for my child I will be IN HER LIFE.

    I waved at the car and watched her wave back less shy smiling big at me. I watched her pull away back to their incredible distance only this time she left with a new loving memory of her REAL father.

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    1. Guinan's Avatar
      I am SO happy for you!!! You got to see her, hold her and tell her you love her--that is wonderful. Good luck to you and may things work out in your favor. Thank you for being a patient and loving FATHER, King Jaboom!

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    2. Elisa Keisha's Avatar
      u sure gonna be such a big good influence for her!! let me say again im so happy 4 u!!

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    3. nkpe3297's Avatar
      My brotha...I know your pain too well.

      I have four kids, three are mine by blood, the other is not.

      My oldets daughter is 11, my step son is 8, my yougest daughter is 3, and the baby boy is three weeks old.

      During the saga of my 11 year old daughter, at the time of her birth, I was homeless. I did not want my child to see me like this. I was going though a real tough time, but peoples on the street had told me of her birth (crazy how word gets out).

      The first time I saw my first born was when she was 3 weeks old. I had gotten off the streets, but I never made a whole lot of money. My wife, who was at the time my "baby's mama"had been under super influence form her family not to deal with me. So when my daughter was 8 months old, she went with another guy, and I was devastated. I even heard her moms tell her to be with him, and leave me alone since the other guy is your boyfriend now.

      man I knew then, and lo and behold she disappeared. I didn't see my daughter again until she was 2. I just happened to be eating at a restaurant, when I ran into my wife's grandparents. Man she looked so much like me, I like you broke down in tears.

      Then I didn't see her again until she was 7. During that time, the same guy they thought was good for my wife, was a no good, basically nigga. After 7 years, she found me becasue my friend was trying to track her down. I have family where she lived at the time, but she would avoid them when they tried to speak to her.

      My friend called my job on his cellphone, from Charleston SC, to Cary NC, the connection was made. It wasn't easy, getting he to see the error of her ways, and even this nigga's ways, but she finally boarded a bus to Cary NC, and we've been rolling ever since.

      We got married in NC, and we were seperated for a year, her moms still trying to be the same way she is by getting her to go with another guy. But now my kids had been used to me, and only saw me as father. Now we back, and I can tell you, family is one thing, kids are another.

      Never let any other man have influence on your seed, but you my brotha.

      Also, try to stay away form the court system,as much as possible. If anytime you need advice, or info, or anything, I can help you.

      opeace and continue to claim your seed.

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