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    Good people, bad situations

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    by , 10-03-2008 at 12:20 AM (2509 Views)

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    We all have known good people that have seen the worst happen to them.

    I don't know if I'm a good person I would hope to think so but I and every one else has went through some hard times.

    My thing is it seems the worst happens to the best people. They show you the best side of themselves threat every one good but then have hell dropped on the in reward for their deeds.

    Karma is a bitch but what about if it's good karma do you still get that bitch side of karma?

    I guess I'm being a bit too sensitive over the plight of a friend, but this just got me thinking.

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    1. Elisa Keisha's Avatar
      I agree with you. But i would also add, good people sometimes make bad decisions. karma is not the only energy defining what happens to us.
      Also, we live in a world which structure and way of functioning makes it easier for bad people to do their thing and get away with it, but they also need to be intelligent to do so, and not just "bad".
      Im not an expert on this tho, i just think there's much more to it than "karma".
      I know the injustices you are refering to, and they happen everyday, but, Apart of that, sometimes success or happiness (or good situations) also depend on what you give more importance to. A bad person may get away with many things, have a good job and more money, but no true love, trust and friendship, but a lot of people that hate him/her.

      I believe good people like YOU, no matter what many troubles or bad situations you go through, you will always find support and love tp endure them, although this sometimes doesnt seem like a big thing comparing it to the tragedy.

      So things should always feel better if you are extremely sharp but Good, than bad. But in this world, nothing cant prevent a sickness or accident, but bein sharp, cautious and intiutive (and not sowing enmities!) can keep you from a lot of bad situations.

      Hope i have not written too much :-S

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    2. tanya f. baby's Avatar

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