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    "Pusher man"

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    by , 10-05-2008 at 05:02 PM (6556 Views)

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    Not the drug dealer, dope peddler, or the pimp.

    When I mentioned "Pusher man" I mean it in a different way.
    NO I'm not going along the "bad meaning good" idealism or some other crap like that but in the way you use the words period.

    "Pushing" in other words just means that pushing something. Whether it's a product or an idea. I think of myself at this present moment in my life as a pusher man of sorts.
    I find information that I feel is very important for our people to know and I push that message through every avenue, alley way, and circle I can.

    Some will accept the product, inhale it's essence others will reject it and I will just have to move on to the next and try to push it there.
    All in all I have a need to spread what I've got to others in hopes they will become addicted.

    Knowledge should and can be addictive. We should be ready to grab at any new info whether we like it or not and swallow it up. Now they way you digest it is up to you.
    If it makes you sick spit it out. If it doesn't feed your hunger go out and hunt down some more. If it is just right let it settle before force feeding yourself anymore until you can handle a second helping.

    I am in this world today to push a message. When I learn something it sinks in and I have started being able to connect possible lost connections. Make sense of the things that become lost to rational. Most of all I have been able to expect the unexpected so if I learn something that could have thrown my whole belief in something I believed in.

    This is what many of our people here in Amerikkka and through out the world must do. We need to be sponges to facts and be beyond able to accept the truth when it comes to the surface.

    If you learn something....push it to some one else.

    "I'm your pusher man"

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    1. Elisa Keisha's Avatar
      if i had a newspaper i would give u a column Pusher Man!! (well, i might make you director!)

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