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    Gentlemanly Dilemma

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    by , 11-18-2008 at 09:15 PM (1453 Views)

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    I thought this would be more suitable in a blog instead of the poetry section

    Gentlemanly Dilemma

    If I respect and honor women is it wrong for me to mess with a hoe
    Join my lust with hers and burst the yearns
    Kick up her heals and just enjoy how it feels
    Forget what my mother taught me and enjoy the filth
    Speak quietly of our exploits
    Only to voice loudly our conquest in the room with her alone
    Call her when I want some
    Answer her we she’s ready to receive
    Keep conversations to one topic
    Talk only when she’s moaning my name
    Show emotion to her when she’s occupied with my “brain”
    Enter her mind through my lap
    Demand a kiss after giving her behind a firm smack
    You can’t turn a hoe into a house wife that’s what I’ve been told
    But if love and respect is all you’ve ever learn to give a women
    And all she cares about is making you release a little sperm
    Is my respect something I should give to her freely or something I make her earn

    Jalili B. Jimiyu

    Yeah it’s copyrighted © 2008

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