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    Mental expansion

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    by , 12-21-2008 at 09:27 PM (4948 Views)

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    Many things have happened this year for me and for the world in general.

    As we all know society is changing, I can say for the better right this moment all I can say is that a lot is about to happen. Well for me I'm going to use this time as always to grow. I'm going to go full force starting tomorrow morning in my study of my first of many new languages I plan on learning before I turn 30. (25years down 5 more to go be for the BIG 3-0)

    I plan to learn Spanish first because in front of me it is NEEDED in this day in time. Of course with the new North American Union (google it if you don't know about it yet) and my desire to go to Cuba in the future I will need to learn Spanish.

    Also full on College is something I need to get back into, NOT for the paper that says I know something but for the chance to know something new that I can use to my advantage. What I plan on studying is still up for debate but I want to do something NATURALLY MEDICAL. If all else fails with the study of the body (I have more issue with body fluid smells than with body fluid it self) I will just get deep into the study of the mind. Psychology seems like something I can get into.

    But I know for sure I need to expand my mind I know a hell of a lot now but there's more out there that I wish to learn.

    The more you know the less they can possibly lie to you about.


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    1. DarkManJah's Avatar
      i hope u make it to Cuba before Raul caves in to western pressures, man. i luv Cuba too, as long as it remains in a state of revolutionary change...

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