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    Poor Righteous Teaching (PRT)

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    by , 08-10-2009 at 12:32 PM (1758 Views)

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    Religion is the opiate of the masses, that's what this old man
    Said, but now that old man's dead because the people he
    Spoke for ignored him when freedom and opportunity was right
    At their door. 400 plus years and counting they lived as
    The unfortunate, the poor, the 85, the middle and
    Lower classes. Exploited by the rich, the 10%, treated
    Like expendable animals. Using their time here to fuel schemes,
    Themes with likeness of purity to keep the curiosity down,
    And then the young men with the natural crowns cut em
    Down to be accepted by the crowds who aimlessly drown
    In the lies of the uncivilized. Preacher's cries, younger children
    Die by the hands of their brothers. Mothers cry wondering
    Why their child had to be the one to kill or die, B.U.T. they
    Failed to realize the answers lied behind the foods they supplied.
    Wives full of anger take the children on spiritual Ghost Rides,
    Brides anticipating getting paid on a dotted line soon find
    Themselves trapped in a struggle for Order. So trickin the mind to
    Grind is the way o get out of the bind, B.U.T. crime rates rise.
    And those with the disguise get over on hidden lines, declining the God inside
    And instead look to the skies, with no reply. My uncle does not talk his
    Own language, so when I explain this I cover all bases, Right
    And exact like it was measured by Masons, facin the
    Sun with the Truth creating Power in groups. But Qur'ans and
    Psalms are his limit so he can't get up to 9, Born, Be
    Exist in the physical realm with the Divine man whose
    Plan was to perfect the Self through T.I.M.E. Lines are
    Blurred as causes for current affects are forgotten and
    Twisted and no one Knows, so effects continue to
    Throw blows to those who Know and work for the
    People's growth. Pro-Black, Proletarian yellin it at the
    Top of their lungs, or through the barrel of guns because
    No one wanted to listen when they spoke, sang, and hummed.
    So now they die and lie behind bars, Forgotten as the
    People scream and dream for the attention of so-called
    Stars. These are the people who knew the Truth, but
    Treated the ignorant like Equals, so we could grow up to be a civilized people
    The guerrillas, griots, philosophers, teachers, the soldiers, the 5%.


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