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    by , 08-10-2009 at 12:35 PM (1145 Views)

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    Dedicated to George & Jonathan Jackson

    Mama, I know at times I make stupid mistakes,
    And I do, but the Truth is although I'm well in my youth
    I do know the Truth. Some of it taught by you, the rest
    I had to learn on my own through experience, or words
    That burned permanent thoughts. Knowledge bought by the
    Blood lost at the hands of the Watchmen and the Watched.
    Algorithmic equations, actual situations, that people go through
    On a daily basis, B.U.T. are avoidable constantly go through my
    Mind. I find Solutions in the back of books that's been overlooked
    By most and opposed by the crooks who continually create them
    Through open, unchallenged, acts of aggression and hatred.
    Acting out of time is energy wasted, so I stay in places you may think
    I ought not to be, trying to protect me, B.U.T. the seeds you planted
    Have all but vanished. While my T.I.M.E. on this Planet I Wise-Dumbly
    Manage, I try to relate to the disadvantaged if not for theirs, only for
    My sake. I can't fight for a people in which I have no emotional stake.
    Weed leaves I bake take me to a "better place", not so my
    Problems I don't have to face, B.U.T. to maintain and keep the Devil
    In good graces so I don't act out of mathematical pace, then suffer at
    The hand of the ignorant and state, Disgraced. I have an Honorable
    Name which defines the reason I came, and to live it out to the fullest,
    Regardles of consequence is my aim and I'm not ashamed of anything
    I've done on the way, from the beginning to my last day.
    Signed, Man-Child.

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