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    Deprogramming Debate

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    by , 02-03-2008 at 03:09 AM (1271 Views)

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    Today, for the "I-don't-know-how-many-eth" time, I had a debate/arguement with a couple of my uncles on politics over a game of dominoes. My uncle James swears up and down that Black people are in the position we're in today because of our own ignorance, and unwillingness to work to improve ourselves, and things of that nature. He completely denies the existance of the prison/police/military industrial complexes, conditioning/programming/brain-washing, and believes that the yts no longer play a large active role in our oppression today.(We're no longer oppressed, we just don't know to get up.) So I asked him how it was that if you have 10-15 (on average) or hundreds of male and female slaves outnumbering ONE little white man and his family, why didn't they run away or fight back? Especially if they weren't physically restrained. And he shot himself in the foot when he said "the yt man had messed thier heads up" (paraphrasing). So I said, "Don't you think those affects are still happening today?" And of course his answer was "Not really, you're talking about a completely different time period."

    He was talking about how the Mexicans/Latinos have a lot of power in the country, because if they stopped working then the economy would fail. I said of course it would, but eventhough the Latinos may make the economy WORK, they don't RUN the economy. If you've got Mexicans working for $5/hr to build a house that the yt man is going to sell for $100K, whose really in control? That's why the yts keep giving them the opportunity to come into the country. What difference does it make if you make the economy WORK if you don't RUN anything. But no, his whole arguement was "At least they're working, and that's what gives them power."

    This dude even went so far as to say that RONALD RAEGAN was a good president. He came up with some bullsh!t explaination like "he wasn't good as a person, but he was a good president because he was able to work on both sides of the table (democrackic and republiklan) to get things done." Hopefully that gives a better understanding of who I'm trying to argue with.

    My uncle is a cool dude to hang around with, but his politics are sad...

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    1. tyydae's Avatar
      I think we all have those members of our family that are just "not there" yet.

      For me, it's my mother-in-law.

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    2. nattyreb's Avatar
      i'm so glad i visited your blog today, lol.

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    3. Raha's Avatar
      Personally, I try to avoid hot topics when I talk to my family and some of my friends (politics, RELIGION, etc.) because I already know what they are going to say and how they think on matters.

      Now, if they were to ASK me what I thought, then that's a horse of a different color. If someone asks me what I think about something, I'm going to tell them straight up what I think. No holding back.

      Trust me, Brother, I know EXACTLY how you feel.

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