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    3 Hours, 12 Minutes of Torture

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    by , 02-10-2008 at 04:37 PM (8538 Views)

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    In my Freshman Composition class, the professor is having us do a book report on this book called The Lexus and the Olive Tree. It's a 400+ pg book and we had 2 days to read it and do the book report, and the only copy of the book in the school library had been checked out, we had to buy the book online. Nobody really read the entire book, so we had to do the reports all over again... I decided to buy the audio version (no way in hell I'm readin 400+ pages in two days). And I'm struggling to get through it (It's taken me two days to get 1 hr into it...) because I can't take the bullsh!t this author is spittin out...

    This fool is sayin that the fall of the Berlin Wall/Cold War System virtually ended the existance of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd world countries; everybody benefits from innovations in technology; we should maintain a balance between cultural identity and capitalist ideals/practices; capitalism/global capitalism is an overall good/beneficial system for everybody...

    My philosophy is "learn what you need to learn to pass the class, but learn, know and understand the truth"... but this is crazy...

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    Updated 10-29-2011 at 07:34 PM by jamal-s


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    1. Nefertiti's Avatar
      I sympathise with you Brother Jamal-S for Ive sat in many classes and been digusted at what the Oppressor is promoting...Even had confrontations with one or two, they were in awe and didnt believe the information I provided and even had proof!(I did)...Yeah just do what you gotta do and move on!!!

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    2. jamal-s's Avatar
      Yeah, some of the stuff he's sauying SOUNDS good, but there is no possible way you can justify 8-12 yr olds in China making Jordans for $0.50 per shoe, and then Nike selling them here for $150-$250 per pair.

      He does bring up corruption and stuff like that, but all of that stuff is just what happens when people don't "play by the rules of capitalism" which he says is constantly promote technological change in order to stay ahead, politics and everything aside... and basically, "fuk all the little people"... he's obviously a Republiklan

      I've already seen some of my classmates who only read the 1st few pages, or summaries of the book already agree with what he's saying. If I wasn't conscious, I'd probably fall for his bullish too... LOL they're turning into Republicans and don't even know it... except for the people who don't care about the work.

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    3. sonjaar's Avatar
      I had to read this book for one of MBA classes and we had a discussion regarding relying on technology versus relying on nature. For example, we talked about the Tsunami and how the animals were fleeing and the people didn't pay attention. My entire class disagreed with me when I chose to follow the animals. These folk looked at me like I was crazy and I looked at them knowing they were crazy.

      Take that book for what it is, the closest most white folk will ever come to understanding the need to maintain culture in this ever evolving technological world.

      Read it with the mind to understand what and how they think so that you can know how to beat them at their game and use it to uplift our culture. Oh and pass that class. Peace & Blessings.

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    4. jamal-s's Avatar
      Yeah, the teacher seems conscous because he was disagreeing with the book too. And the class is all Black except for 2 hispanic people.

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