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    by , 10-05-2011 at 03:54 PM (565 Views)

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    I am Jawa
    The ancestor of Syam, Khem, and Yaveth.
    The ancestor of Indian, African, European.

    But nobody knows...

    I am Jawa
    From Nusantara
    Nu (Native) or Manu (Veda) or Nuh (Qur'an) or Noah (Bible).

    But nobody knows...

    There's a lot of Nu's sons.
    Manu of Papua Nu Guinea, Manusela of Maluku, Vanuatu of Oceania, Nu Zea of Nu Zealand, Ainu of East Asia, Innuit of Arctic, Nuna Ki of American Indian, Nubian of Africa, and a lot more...

    But nobody knows...

    Maybe someday...

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