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    The N-word

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    by , 08-12-2008 at 09:31 AM (3491 Views)

    0 Not allowed! Not allowed!
    The N word that sticks to Nigga's.

    I was born on the Cape Verde Islands in 1969.
    There where things going on I realize now. There was 'a beat going on'. World wide brothers where fighting for independence, or were in the day by day struggle as 2nd class citizen in racist societies and regimes in the diaspora. I became part of that side of the struggle when my parents decided to move to the Netherlands/Holland in 1972 (!).
    Today I hear that same beat it seams. Drums in the distance nearing day by day.
    Would it be a train to the doc on our way to board a member of the blackstarliner/fleet?

    So what is holding us back?
    It is the N-word! I'm talking about 'No!'
    The N-word that got this Nigga's ears numb.
    No this, no that...

    Know this:

    I've seen and heard lots of eluted brothers and sisters, lost in western media and their propaganda. And I mean BET too. I daily bump into YouTube movies etcetera that prove how destructive their innocent remarks or do-good commercials and programs are towards the vision of Africa in our or our children's minds.
    Where I reside, the Netherlands/Holland, we got our own BET. It's called FunX. Don't get me wrong... You, my brothers and sisters, are so important to American media because you serve the rest of the world.
    To give an example of something you would think would have positive influence to the viewer, I'll name 'racism and what you do and achieved against it, written in a book, presented by Oprah'. Over here that results in 'Don't nag about racism. This is not America'.
    Seeing these things occur makes me sad and feel powerless. Especially with the following in mind: A black nor a Negro (= black in Latin) revolution has a ground based on other people's land. I mean. They got so called Africans renamed to African-American and split into blacks and negro's! If that the starting point

    Can't we even trust each other on the quest for self?
    Can't we even break lose from the bad intentions when someone else uses words like 'nigger'?

    In Holland I got to know the term 'Geuzen naam'. Translated one on one it says 'Goose name'. You know, the goofy big brothers of Donald Duck. The French had concord Holland. Goose was one of the names they called them, looking down at whom land they had possessed. When the Dutch kicked out the French again, it went into Dutch hisStory books as 'The Geuzen had freed the country from the French'.
    Geuzen naam is something like 'Heroic name'/'A (bad) name, used with pride'.
    Exactly what 'Nigga' is to me.

    I'll tell you even greater.
    Worse if you would like to 'Lynch' (lose that language bro's, sistah's) that N-word we, in my opinion, need.

    The CapeVerde Islands got independent in 1975.
    In those days we forced to call our selves 'Creolo' and not 'CapeVerdean'. There was even effort to make a dictionary of our flavor of Ebonics which we also call 'Creolo'. All in the name of losing the painful history of slavery and colonization by growing a genuine identity. Namely one of the names Portuguese would call us; Creolo.
    BTW. Surinam, a colony of the Dutch, became independent too. A lot of them did what my parents did. They moved to Holland too.
    About that time I was learning 'Creolo' or creole, as you would spell it in English, means nothing else than 'Niggah'! It turns out we got our country independent by grace of 'Nigga's'!

    Bad news.
    At this point in time it looks like the house niggers are winning. (Yep. My old foks too).
    The flag that freed our people from colonization and slavery is removed. It got the name 'party flag', meaning 'communist flag', and was replaced by something I fear is a NWO flag. I have not only Aruba, one of the Dutch Antilles, as comparison. I have also their flag and state of their state to compare. There is also Curacau and more... and growing.
    To know our old flag was Red, Yellow and green with a BLACK PENTAgram... Sjeesz!
    We freed ourselves from the oppressor in name of 'The word' (see my blog by that name) and threw it away in two decades.
    There will be work... for a few natives. Lots of daughters 'lost' in 'take me away' dreams, resulting in hotel room queens.

    Knowing this, my fellow so called Africans on that side of the Atlantic...
    Have you come closer to I?

    X or dust!

    Jose 'Jay' Bronze
    "You wanna get shot in the back by someone who knows you a nigga, better than you?
    Or you want to save and be saved by a nigga like you?... Nigga?!?

    (Feel free to put this in your ning or on your myspace etc. Get the HTML source here )

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