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    Sign Up For Living In Black

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    by , 04-24-2008 at 01:05 AM (786 Views)

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    Sign Up For Living In Black

    Many of you are familiar with You Tube, MySpace, FaceBook and MyBook,how they have caught on and hooked the nation on the possibilities and potentialities of networking, information sharing and communication building. When you visit these sites you are struck by the reality the content reflects the consciousness of the senders and the viewers who participate. There is content for almost every level of social and political thought and the whole spectrum of human interest. Except that is, for seriously African centered consciousness. Well that void has just been filled. Keidi Obi Awadu the brilliant founder of LIB Radio has created a unique networking/communications entity on the Web called Living In Black. True to his consciousness he envisions Living In Black to be the primary vehicle for conscious African people to come together to share our creativity, brilliance, ideas and actionable energies to improve our lives and the world. This is a tall order but it is a medium we need for a host of reasons. Knowing Keidi as I do Living In Black will continue to evolve and be cutting edge reflecting Keidiís consciousness and love for Black people. It already it has capabilities for videos, photos, music and Webcasting. Folks are joining and using it get in touch and network.
    Log onto to and check it out. Invite like minded friends to join, be aggressive helping Living In Black expand around the globe. You will see some familiar folks here, people like Dalani Aamon the founder of Harambee radio and television network and Kwasi Akyeampong the founder of TheBlacklist List serve and our own Brother Jacuma. At Living in Black you can start and maintain your own Blog, express your creativity and share your thoughts, opinions and experiences. You will be among evolving brothers and sistahs, men and women of action searching for truth, working towards self and group actualization. So come on board. The potential is limited only by our imagination and volition. Long term we can engage in commerce, social networking and build a global communications network. On Living In Black we can provide our own programming, our own news, images and videos. Living In Black is a medium for the exchange ideas and information as well as enjoying each others company. The official launch was April st. Itís up and running now. When you join you will see me there. Iím inviting you to join and help it grow. I hope to see you soon on Living In Black.


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