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    The Delusion of Inclusion

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    by , 02-07-2008 at 06:32 PM (4140 Views)

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    The Delusion of Inclusion

    “In an unjust social order, an order where one group abusively dominates another, “the habit of obedience” in the subordinate or abused groups functions to maintain that order. Subordinate groups thereby collude with the dominant group to perpetuate its own subordination and exploitation. This situation can only be changed by the destabilization and breakdown of the unjust social order i.e., by radically reorganizing its structure of power relations. And this can only be brought about by subordinate groups refusal to comply with the demands of the dominant group. The compliance with which (by the subordinate groups) are often responsible for or crucial to maintaining the onerous social order in the first place. The subordinate group must break its “habits of obedience” and engage in “civil disobedience”. It was primarily through civil disobedience that Ghandi broke the social order of British colonialism in India and Martin Luther King Jr. Radically transformed the social order of the southern United States.” Amos N Wilson Blueprint For Black Power A Moral Political and Economic Imperative for The Twenty-First Century page 44

    The emergence of Barack Obama as a credible candidate for US president has stoked the fantasies of black folks and “progressive” whites who believe he offers a chance to redeem AmeriKKKa and save it from itself. Young whites are enthusiastically supporting Obama and black folks are starting to get hyped about his candidacy. Many actually believe he has a chance to win the Democratic nomination. This is a clear indication either of wishful thinking or delusional insanity. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over with the same people expecting different results. In 2006 people who were fed up with Bu$h’s imperialist misadventures, his lies and treachery turned out in droves to vote for change. They sent Democrats to Washington with a clear mandate to end the occupation of Iraq and bring the troops home.
    But within a few months, the Democrats sold the nation out. First by refusing to even consider the impeachment of Bu$h and Cheney and by continuously rolling over and giving the fascist warmongers in the White House everything they demanded. To add insult to injury the Democrats punked out when it came time to honor their oaths, uphold the separation of powers and defend the US Constitution. Time after time the Democrats in Congress, including Barack Obama, did the exact opposite of what their constituents sent them to Washington to do, bring transparency and integrity to government, reign in a megalomaniacal George W Bu$h and restore fiscal soundness. The Democrats bent to the lobbyists, they collaborated with Bu$h, escalated the Iraq occupation (the so called surge was really an escalation) and increased the national debt by trillions!
    Admittedly, Barack Obama is an anomaly. He is a person of color in the US Senate a.k.a the good ol’ boys millionaires club. No one outside the state of Illinois even knew who he was prior to the 2004 Democratic Convention. Obama gave the keynote speech at the convention and overnight as if by magic he became a household name. The plutocrats allowed Obama to capitalize on the name recognition their media facilitated and generated. Obama skillfully used his new found fame as an author and the popularity favorable media exposure created, to amp up his run for the presidency. Obama raised lots of money, much of it from ordinary individuals, grass roots organizations, and via the Internet. But he also has gotten big bucks from Hedge Funds as well as the usual corporate entities. With Washington insiders like Zbigniew Brzezinski and Richard Clarke the former Clinton and Bush administration counter, terrorism expert and others on his policy and position team, you can be sure Obama is not the breath of fresh air he claims to be. While he doesn’t command as many heavy hitters from the ruling elite organizations like the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, and apparatuses such as the Heritage Foundation, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Brookings Institution, AIPAC, the Hoover Institution and the American Enterprise Institute as his opponents, Obama’s camp has been infiltrated by their ilk.
    This means if Obama wins the Democrat nomination and subsequently wins the popular and the electoral college vote, he will be a puppet of the ruling oligarchy. He will do what they advise (order) him to do, or else. All this means is business as usual only with a black face in the White House. It will be an escalated variation of the Clarence Thomas, Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice and Alberto Gonzalez shuffle and buck dance with a Democrat twist. Numerous wars will continue because the military-industrial complex demands it and the predatory AmeriKKKan empire needs wars to suck the blood of humanity and plunder the earth’s resources in order to survive. For working folks, the economy and their standard of living will continue to decline because that too is part of the ruling elites’ overarching agenda.
    We need to wake up and not get caught in the media induced cult of personality. We have to stop falling for the lame okey-doke they are running on us. Just because Obama is being used and played doesn’t mean we have to go along with the charade. The ruling elites have no intention of making AmeriKKKa a free and open democracy. In fact, their plan is to usher in a police state under the bogus guise of “national security”. If they have to use a Barack Obama to accomplish it, so much the better. It will put a melanated face on US imperialism and domestic oppression.
    We should be about the business of networking and organizing. Not for Obama or any other “mainstream” candidate; but for our own survival. We should be challenging and confronting the ruling elites’ policies and agenda; not with arms but with economic boycotts, divestment and civil disobedience. We should let the ruling elites and their puppets know we are feed up and we are not going to go out falling for their okey-doke. The best way to do that is by hitting them where it hurts the most, where it impacts their bottom line. They can’t put us in jail for not spending or investing our money!!!
    Backing Barack Obama, Ron Paul, Ralph Nader or a third party candidate is a total waste of time. This system is not set up to accommodate third party candidates! Third Party presidential candidates have major difficulty getting on the ballot in most states. They have a hard time raising adequate funds and establishing effective working organizations. A third party national candidacy is not the solution. Running local candidates for local office and school boards may work. We cannot throw up our hands in despair, frustration and hopelessness. If we remain silent, passive and complacent, we will be just like the Germans who allowed Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers Party to lead Germany to ruin and shame.


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    1. Nefertiti's Avatar
      I always enjoy reading your works Brother JRSWRITER...Make you wanna say "Tell it like it T-I-S"

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    2. human53's Avatar
      and four years later your words prove prophetic .ut I tend to disagree with Civil disobedience......they will kill or lock up any who mounts such a campaign.

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