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    Honor and Celebrate Our Women

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    by , 02-28-2008 at 12:34 AM (1475 Views)

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    Honor and Celebrate Our Women

    “In Greece and in the West in General, masculine-feminine, male-female alienation would led to elite systems of control where the few oppressed the many. The failure of Greek and western man to synthesize the masculine with the feminine and to balance the male with the female, also led to their inability to tolerate ethnic, racial and cultural differences. Greek and western nation states are not only intolerant of females and the feminine, but they are also intolerant of different ethnic and racial groups which they treat as outsiders. Just as the masculine-feminine, male female balance is the basis for social justice, so the imbalance between masculine and feminine and males and females is the basis for savagery and barbarism through the unbalanced, unjust treatment of women by men, blacks and people of color by whites and the unjust treatment of the weak by the strong. Here in a western paradigm that values the masculine and the male and devalues the feminine and the female, lies the earliest seeds of racism in the world, seed that probably go back to the Aryan invasion of India, where the first color caste (Varna) systems were put in place.”- Oba T’Shaka Return To The African Mother Principle of male and Female Equality Vol 1 page 68

    The Indo-European (Eurasian, Aryan, Semites etc) cultural legacy of overbearing patriarchy and oppression towards all women, even their mothers, ala the Western Oedipus complex has manifested itself everywhere Caucasians set foot on this planet. Records indicate that prior to the coming of the northern Eurasian invaders, the civilized southern settlements founded by black skinned peoples in Anatolia, Sumer, Elam, Arabia, Canaan and Africa venerated females and the feminine principle. These ancient and wise people understood the power of the female as the bearer of life. They consciously articulated their awe and appreciation of the motherhood/nurturing principle and function, so much so females in antiquity were worshiped and held in high esteem by aboriginal/indigenous peoples. First World females held unprecedented social status in their own right compared to Aryan women whose status was based upon the status of the males who controlled them. This esteem was even documented in antiquity by Europeans like Herodotus called the father of Western History and later by Diodorus Siculus who traveled throughout the known world of his day under the banner and protection of the Roman Empire. However, successive waves of Indo-European invaders with their unwillingness or inability to function beyond left brain orientation, cognition and processing has led to massive global conflict, disruption, pain and suffering. A cursory review of human history reveals this is the quintessential behavioral characteristic of Caucasians, it’s just that their abhorrent behavior is glorified and normalized since they became the victors and conquers of humanity. As anyone familiar with psychology knows, one’s behavior was merely an outward expression of an inner consciousness, values, mind set or orientation.
    By studying European history (the record of their collective behavioral patterns) we can discern their psychology. As Dr. Amos Wilson so astutely pointed out, their history is one of abject oppression and exploitation of their females, from the very real female infanticide of the Greeks to the blatant chauvinism of a fictional TV character like Archer Bunker. We see it today as they use semi-naked women to sell almost everything imaginable in their media. Unfortunately, we have taken on and internalized many of the attitudes of our Caucasian oppressors. This cultural internalization is reflected in the state of male- female relations in our community today. Our dysfunction was imposed upon us via laws and customs originating in the slave experiences where black people, black marriages and families were not viewed as sacrosanct by the dominant white society. Our condition is also the result of subsequent changes in society like no fault divorce or so called Welfare where in order to qualify an able bodied man could not be present in the home. Despite all this, we must also take ownership of the negative attitudes we hold towards our woman! We can not continue to call our sisters, our daughters, our peers, wives and even our mothers out of their names and expect unity, mutual respect and love to flourish in our communities.
    The Akan people of Ghana have a word, Sankofa, it means to “go back and retrieve or fetch”. The implication is we should not forget our roots and cultural legacy. These wise Africans realized the past is a vital bridge to our present and our future. We must return to our African ways of honoring and respecting our women. The journey begins in our consciousness, in our thoughts, in our mental laboratory. We can control our thinking; we can control how we think about women, females and femininity. We have choice, we can internalizeWestern notions of women as exploitable sex objects and mediums to sell products; or we can adopt a spiritually empowering view of humanity. A truly revolutionary perspective would be to view all black women, regardless of their present condition, as the mothers and nurturers of our race and our partners in the divine transformation of our people. To construct a new paradigm means we have to think differently about ourselves, alter our behavior and embrace our women as divine beings with unlimited potential. Such a model doesn’t exist anywhere in the West. We can not look to our enemies to model our behavior. We have to go back to an African way of thinking. Energy follows thought. Thoughts and ideas have potency in and of themselves. They are the seeds of transformation; a revolutionary change for our reality and world. This is why our enemies work so hard to keep us in a zombie like state of mind.
    A simple idea like loving ourselves and respecting our women, consistently demonstrating this love and respect, will make a huge difference in every facet of our lives. All we have to do is make the commitment, follow through and manifest it in our lives.


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      thank you very much for writing this

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      And *that's* just one reason why i love you to death!

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      Very nice blog Warrior King...Asante Sana!

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