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    My introduction

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    by , 08-06-2010 at 07:55 AM (662 Views)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kulchaborn View Post
    Greetings,It is a pleasure to be back on the site.I am Writer /spoken-word/mixed media artist Carolyn Baxter''AKA Kulcha born''.I am in a few Anthology's with sista Assata,+ (Marilyn Buck R.I.P)and as well my own publications, we were all in the Belly of the Beast together.I was a young pup just turning 18 and Both Sistas were a joy and wonder to get to know over almost a 4 yr. period.Assata is one of the most ''Gentle'' meditative peaceful humble People that I have ever meet. The first thing one notices is her soft spoken ''Gentle''quality, and a Very intent listener to who ever is looking her in the eyes speaking.I used to LOVE to make her laugh in a Poetry workshop we were sitting shoulder to shoulder,The whole room would light up,shed give it her all when she laughed,everyone had to laugh too!It was both our First Anthology.

    As a Youth I almost wasn't allowed in the class. But showed the Instructors excerpts from my first poetry book I was working on. ''Prison solitary and Other Free Government Services'(Later to be a play at the Shakespeare Fest.In NY.)Again It is Great to be back.I guess I am on the ''Memory lane''road a bit.. please excuse me.But I just found out that Sista Marilyn Buck has gone on to The Ancestors.So I recollect the images of us all in the prison camp reading our poetry to each-other.keeping each others Heart/mind strong.I was fortunate to have letters from sista Marilyn from as recent as last year and planned to meet her when she got out to no avail.I am hoping one day my Memoirs of them both in my completed book will be published so People can see who they really were to a Young woman and People all over the world involved in Struggle.Unity/Blessings.

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