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    La Bella Afrique


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    by , 03-01-2008 at 08:06 PM (1207 Views)

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    I am very disappointed with the condition that our people are in at the moment, and the worst thing is a lot of them just do not seem to care. I don't know if this is due to ignorance (living in fairy never land) , contentment , laziness or WHAT??

    I know that some how I have to contribute to releasing us from this bondage, but as I am still a slave, I do not know how I can help others or moreover if they will want my help and even moreover than that, if they are willing to help THEMSELVES...

    Well I have let it all out, thank you if you are reading, feel free to respond...

    love you all

    liti em htp

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    1. nattyreb's Avatar
      Most of our people really do care, and the options such as laziness, contentment, etc., are stereotypes. You are not a slave! Our problem stems from our colonization, our continued downpression, the breakdown of our families, etc. Our young men walk around with targets on their backs from all sides and very few of our families are untouched by that reality. We feel powerless, so we choose to expend a whole lot of energy and even our last dollar rebelling in the most self-destructive of ways. If it became hip to be about our struggle, trust that we would see vast numbers of our people doing that work. That, unfortunately, is just how it goes!

      We understand our task cuz we've had such brilliant teachers. Agitate. Educate. Organize. The hardest part is that we have to win our people's minds back to a "We" mentality instead of the prevalent "I". As you browse the forums, you will see just how much there is for every one of us to participate in, there is a need for your every talent and gift, however small you may believe it to be.

      i look forward to reading some of your posts on the forum!

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    2. La Bella Afrique's Avatar
      thank you very much for responding...I have read what you have to say and thank you very much for the encouragement

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    3. XXPANTHAXX's Avatar
      La Bella Afrique continue to dwell in the positive of true liberation for true liberation is its own reward.

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    4. Sourakhata's Avatar
      " God knows, life is one big road
      With a lot of signs and turns and twists and curves
      Even though the road is rocky
      My main thing's to rock and keep on rockin"

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    5. Jamila's Avatar
      Greetings La Bella Afrique!

      I feel like Ancestor, Dr Ishakamusa Barashango...

      "I have a love/hate relationship with African people, I love them with all my heart, and on the other hand, I can't stand their stupidity...but they're MY people and I'm gonna fight and struggle with them until they are free. We're the Creator/Creatress chosen people, and one day, the veil will be lifted. I believe in MY people...we WILL win in the end."

      *throwing my fist up in the air*

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      Updated 03-12-2008 at 02:36 PM by Jamila (spelling)
    6. La Bella Afrique's Avatar
      Thank you all for commenting, sorry I am a bit late...

      You all have such wise words, and I know no matter what I am going thru on a day, in life...I will always be greeted by uplifting fulfilment on this forum...thank you...


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    7. Baritone Scholar's Avatar
      uhuru sister !

      My advice would be to learn your history, knowledge of self is the basis of all overstanding. Also, I'd join some type of revolutionary/progressive and or grassroots organization that does positive things in the community, after I had done the research though, of course .

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