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    Majadi's Notebook

    Upward Movement! The Eloquent Peasant

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    by , 01-24-2008 at 11:05 AM (5674 Views)

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    My wife in her very astute analysis has come up with a theoretical framework for what has been traditionally called "the struggle"! Her concept is to bring a newness and energy that represents actual action as opposed to simple discussion. In her humility she has felt that since she does not yet own a PHd nor a degree of any sort no one would listen to her. I intend to do a full interview with her on the concept and hash it out. After having presented it in several forums the response was mostly negative. When I told her she was hurt but I explained to her that unfortunately people pay homage to folks with degrees more so. Now I don't hold a degree either but I have been interviewed on issues like Reparations by a Tokyo radio station held at a protest of the Jewish Holocaust Museum, I have been interviewed on WHUR in D.C., A station in Baltimore, and Youngstown, Oh. I told her that I do not have a degree but have participated in political campaigns, helped produced public access television and lectured for adults and children at many places. I organized several successful protests and contributed to the study, and push for Youngstown State University to increase its Black Studies Curriculum! I told her further that some of the greatest revolutionaries did not hold degrees!

    Her position is one that is reinforced by Word,Sound and Power that the Rastas say. It is reinforced by the concept of Tehuti (Which according to Ausar Auset Society is her diety!) or Divine Intelligence (Wisdom). It is reinforced by MDW NFR or Good Speech.

    In a nutshell she purports that the word "struggle" has not been successful. People associate struggle with a losing battle hence when you ask someone, "How ya' doing!" the response may be "Well ya' know man, just out here strugglin'" This statement and others like it are usually accompanied by a sad or depressed tone. Very rarely do you hear someone saying "struggling" with a positive and upbeat energy inflection. When she spoke these words to me I shuddered at the thought that all this time we have been saying "Aluta Continua" which I believe is ironically spoken in portuguese. In my shuddreing I thought perhaps thats why we have been getting our asses kicked. The oppressor, oppresses, beats, wins, destroys, topples, conquers, crushes, decimates, denigrates, eradicates, spies, analyzes, smashes, obliterates etc., etc., ad nauseum. He is a winner, in our minds we are "struggling", Merriam Webster defines struggle as:

    1: to make strenuous or violent efforts in the face of difficulties or opposition <struggling with the problem>
    2 : to proceed with difficulty or with great effort <struggled through the high grass> <struggling to make a living>

    Albeit the first definition may work notice the word strenous, associated with the definition. The Hatian Revolution was not a struggle it was clearly a revolotion one using a process of neccesary violence! I contend that had they "struggled" they would have lost. Take into account that words have and emote power or powerlessness, the second definition indicates a sense of powerlessness. Michael Jordan while on the basketball court did not struggle against his opponents he made them look irrelevant!

    Our mind frame and how we say things must be changed in order for us to be successful. My Goddess says that our people " not want to struggle, this is why we can't get them to do anything." The words have a negative connotation.

    The concept that she has is called "Upward Movement" Upward indicating direction and movement indicating energy. We want to move from this down position to a higher state of being with regard to our food, shelter, clothing, economics, spirituality and the like. Upward Movement sounds and feels more palatable and may feel and sound this way to the masses.

    I will do a full interview with her at a later date but as for now what do you all think of her premise?

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    1. XXPANTHAXX's Avatar
      I think her premise is dead on target, looking forward to the rest of the interview.

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    2. Fenix's Avatar
      More precise and more astute than some of the stuff I'm reading in my classes! She doesn't need a PhD for the people to listen.

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    3. sangarariver's Avatar
      Yes!!! Right on. Language is energy! Looking forward to hearing/reading more.

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    4. edwins's Avatar
      i agree 100%

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