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    Sleeping with Cookies..The Fight to Maintain Junk Food

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    by , 01-25-2008 at 10:31 AM (1672 Views)

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    I have a teenager who thinks he's the only one who resides in my home, even though I'm the only one who buys the groceries.

    I don't really buy that much junk..mainly because it has such low nutritional value so for my weekly shopping I buy a 2 pound bag of cookies as a treat for all of us.

    So you know it's pretty bad when you come down the stairs from your bedroom and your youngest asks why do you have a large bag of cookies with you.

    Because If I left them in the kitchen we would not have any cookies left or with my oldest being the occasional comedian left with two cookies out of 2 POUNDS like he did us yesterday morning after discovering the latest hiding place where I had stashed them. The cookies had only been opened for a day and I only had given 3 of them out to the youngest. I get the typical shrug and mumbled "I don't know what happened to them"..

    I have counted each cookie before I went to bed numerous did he as he ate each one after I was sound asleep.

    I have hidden the cookies everywhere from the dishwasher to the microwave to the oven..I got a call one day while I was running errands asking why the cookies were in the was I supposed to know that he was acually going to look for a clean dish in there? I had to stifle a laugh because by the time he finished asking that question the answer to him was pretty obvious. When I got home he then told me with an amused face that all the cookies were still there. And, they were.

    He has paid for the cookies and other missing snacks with his parts of his allowance but he figured that was such a good deal that he decided to eat the rest of his allowance right along with it...Mainly in the form of cheese; pounds of it.

    I had resorted to stopping the purchase of them but that only deprived me and my youngest who do like the occasional cookie with our tea and milk.

    I stopped buying the name brand cookies and only buy the store brand. But with teenage indiscriminate taste buds as long as it has sugar its fair game. It just a matter of how much I want to spend at this point.

    I have even resorted to shame and family had gotten to the point of my youngest yelling at him telling him "You're not the only one who lives here!"...mainly echoing the same thing I myself had screamed at him hours earlier as I discovered the remains (or lack of) of the latest raid.

    So last night as I was lamenting to one of my friends over the phone the latest casualty of the snacks in my house I came up with the idea of taking the snacks to bed with me...she came up with an idea of a "cookie safe" .

    I have a safe; it's just filled with things that really need to be no room to put them in there. I was imagining a cookie jar with a hasp, a very thick lock and a huge chain rope to swirl around it. But with my luck it would mysteriously be broken and the cookies would still be gone.

    At least the cookies do not snore.

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    1. Raha's Avatar
      Lol, damn.

      Yeah, a cookie jar (with an alarm, perhaps? lol) would be ideal.

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    2. Elisa Keisha's Avatar
      RAOTFL!!!!!!!! i think you were only adding some fun and adventure to the pleasure of cookie eating.
      Now takin them to bed, thats a good idea... just make sure u dream with one eye open. LOL

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    3. XXPANTHAXX's Avatar
      Warrior Queen may I suggest a wooden paddle, you would be surprised at the results you would receive I had similar types of incidents involving cereal when mine were young, that paddle got me instant results, the funny part is I hardly ever had to use it.

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