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    Yes...They still make these.....

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    by , 05-05-2008 at 03:57 PM (6561 Views)

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    It is three weeks before the official growing season starts up here in the 2nd Alaska. My grass however started growing as soon as the ice pack was done thawing out and turned green.

    Now my last lawnmower (electric) met an untimely death two seasons ago when I ran over a few things I had no business mowing know poles and rocks, to the extent I shattered the magnet that holds part of the motor and the blade into three pieces. Yeah...I'm not exactly gentle with power tools.
    It still sits in my brother in law's workshop as a reminder to him not to loan me anything with a motor. LOL

    So last season I borrowed a mower from whoever had theirs available. All I had to do was make sure I got my own gas whenever I used it.

    Now that oil is at $120.00 a barrel and the stations around here want about $120.00 a gallon I started pursuing the local hardware store ads for you guessed it...a push mower.

    I found a good one for less than $100.00. I called a neighbor and we zoomed down there to pick one up.

    When we got there there were already a few people that had the same idea..because they had a few left in boxes unassembled.

    I got it home and assembled it. There is nothing like the nostalgia of childhood when I had to cut grass as a kid with one of these. I wanted to put a big bow on it and present it to my oldest as a present but he still had not gotten over the last "present" I had given him..a shopping cart to haul groceries from the store.

    It cuts really well. It is so quiet I could hear the bees this time as I started mowing around the mini-orchard getting in the way as I ducked under the blossoming trees to get the grass growing around them.

    Back Roof shot...where I like to hang out during warm days

    The Back of the mini-orchard obstacle course.. The bush is red currants, pear tree on left, tree behind bush is peach, trees on right side are plum and tart cherry...I might have a branch of the apple tree on the right but I was also ducking bees as I took this picture.

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    1. BlkSpartacus's Avatar
      Lookin good Mamazen. Whats the secret?

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    2. Mamazen's Avatar
      Time and cheap child labor

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