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    Adopt a Doll!

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    by , 01-27-2008 at 12:06 PM (2676 Views)

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    Occasionally up here at the homestead I have a few abandoned orders for whatever reason ...either the purchaser decides not to pay (usually I give them 2-3 weeks) or the purchaser decides to not tell me they no longer want the item. They just languish until I decide what I should do with them them.

    Right now I have 2 abandoned orders; one of which is this delightful doll. He was the one that was featured in this entry of my blog.

    It was so heart wrenching that after a few hours of meditating and thinking I decided to do a special interview of sorts to get him a new home. He was absolutely delighted! My 2 assistants and I were touched by his magnanimous attitude and enjoyed putting this expose together. We hope that for a $25.00 placement fee (we pay all transportation costs!) that you will consider taking this fine doll into your home and making him a part of your family!


    RBG Action Figure Dude as he demonstrates his skills at playing the Dejimbe..

    RBG "Action figure" Dude was born on January 10, 2008 in the region known as the "2nd Alaska". As soon as he was born he looked forward to exploring and thriving in a warmer climate but, to no avail.

    We spoke to him briefly about his life, his aspirations, his dreams over a pancake and sausage breakfast.

    MZ: What keeps you sane? What motivates you to keep going in this type of adversity?

    RBGAFD: My quest for warmth. I'm a warm doll. I dream of balmy tropical breezes or even sometimes just a nice blazing sun outside with a nice breeze...anything over 68 degrees I'm happy.

    MZ: But, your clothes are not removable. What if it gets too hot?

    RBGAFD: I would be extremely happy. It's what I have been living for.

    MZ: How do you get past the frustration of being.....stuck here in a place that does not meet you needs warmth wise?

    RBGAFD: My favorite part of the day here is meditation time...the candle bares its warmth to me for those fleeting moments of soothes me and makes me realize that there is hope for as long as the candle burns...there is hope.

    RBG Action Figure in one of his serene meditative moments

    MZ: So you don't like cold weather at all then?

    RBGAFD: No...but I manage. You have given me hope... I have hope that a warm home with an indoor temperature of over 70 year round will take me in *tear running down face*...I would like to thank you and your assistants for all the help you have given me in my quest to find a home in a warm climate.

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    1. Raha's Avatar CUTE! Lol

      Look at Izzy! Mamazen...your creativity knows no bounds. I love that about you.

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    2. YorubaQueen's Avatar

      MZ I do believe that I am ready to adopt that action figure...its like Dollie Biography right here on Assata!

      And I hope he enjoyed that pancake because it looks better than my breakfast! Check him out being all knowing and accepting of different walks of life of people of color.

      HE IS THE MAN!

      (currently scrounging up the 25 bucks too give him a home!


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    3. Elisa Keisha's Avatar
      my goodness!!! Mamazen u never get bored, do u?

      Please YQ, adopt this cutie pie action figure!! im sure its goin to be camrade for life for your future dawta, lol

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    4. Fenix's Avatar
      LOL! The action figure can get a pancake but I can't?? I'm glad YQ is giving him a home.

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    5. nattyreb's Avatar
      Sista, you gotta publish a book, you are just too talented to not instruct us on all things Mamazen! In fact you can call it All Things Mamazen (ATM -- cha-ching, get it?) lol.

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