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    How Did I Turn Five?

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    by , 01-28-2008 at 11:54 AM (1412 Views)

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    Head of Cheap Child Labor for RBG Homesteaders- Izzy as he stands next to one of his masterpieces hanging on the wall of accomplishment

    Today is my youngest ones' birthday. He had been looking forward to this day for weeks but yet when I told him happy birthday this morning he was genuinely shocked.

    "How did I turn Five?" He asked.

    I looked at him. He is the one out of my two boys who asks the types of questions that make you scratch your head not because you don't know the answers to them but you're trying to figure out why he is asking them.

    "Um....a whole year passed. That's why you are now five".

    "So when do I turn 42?" he asked with a oatmeal dripping grin.

    "In 37 years Izzy. Quit being in such a rush to grow up."

    "Why is my hair growing?" he then quipped.

    "Because it's supposed to." I said resigning to the fact it was going to be one of those mornings that I have to start thinking without having a cup of coffee.

    We brush our teeth and started getting ready for the we go onto the patio he was amazed that the sunrise was a vivid pinkish purplish peach. We love to watch the sunrises and sunsets together, remarking on the colors that change and fade as the moments progress.

    He then wanted a picture taken in his new snow suit (It was $10.00 on sale!). He loves this time of his feet crunches in the snow and the temperatures awaken him (it was 15 degrees with a wind chill of 6 when I took this picture).

    As the day light progressed I could not help but to look at his profile as he looked at the sky turning different hues the wonderment and amazement at the natural world through his eyes.

    For a child who sees the beauty of each and every individual sunrise with the same intensity and amazement-must have an old soul.

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    1. tyydae's Avatar
      Very touching. As I read this piece, I am convinced there is a great freedom in packing up, and moving to a state that has lots of land, trees, bushes, flowers, etc.

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    2. Mamazen's Avatar
      Thanks....I find that there are some things that are absolutely a child being able to be a child; which is something that is become more and more of a rarity in this society.

      This society is so bent on making a child grow up faster than they should....and in the process squashing any creativity and free spirit that they may have..

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    3. Fenix's Avatar
      Oh to be young and innocent. I love being around children (sometimes lol). I marvel at the simplicity with which they see the world. It's refreshing.

      Happy birthday Izzy!

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    4. YorubaQueen's Avatar

      Happy Birthday Izzy!

      That is so beautiful...his innocence and his love for the little things that we take for granted every day...that's a beautiful child u got (can't wait til he's my son in law! LOL)


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    5. Elisa Keisha's Avatar
      HAPPY BDAY IZZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      i love this boy....

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    6. XXPANTHAXX's Avatar
      Happy Birthday Izzy, brrrr it looks too cold for life, are yall having 12 hours of darkness yet?

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    7. La Bella Afrique's Avatar
      Kids Got To Love 'em

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