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    Winter is Overated

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    by , 01-23-2008 at 02:48 PM (937 Views)

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    This is Marty the Monk...the Buddhist statue that resides in my herb garden. He took the place of a pretty much to almost dead bush that I tore out of the ground this past summer.

    As you can see by the serenity of his facial features...he enjoys winter much more than I do... because he is not stuck in a house for several days with two boys of very different personalities that are always at each others throats now-a-days......that is enough to acually go outside in 18 degree weather and find something to do....other than shoveling another pathway.

    It does however beat a picture of me being thoroughly disgusted with winter.

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    1. tyydae's Avatar
      Unfortunately, I am unable to say the same.

      Last weekend, my husband and I spent an evening in Flagstaff, because we missed the snow so much. In Peoria, where we live, we do not get any snow.

      My daughter Jza, came home from school one day, not to long ago, and asked it we could go snow visiting. Of course, we obliged her.

      We had a wonderful time.

      The funny thing is that we spent almost two hours playing in the snow, before a married older couple approached us, and said they could tell we did not live in Flagstaff.

      How? We asked. Because people who live there, just go out into their front or back yards to enjoy the snow.

      We laughed.

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    2. jamal-s's Avatar
      I'm glad I moved to Texas. The hances of it snowing down here is slim to none, we mostly get rain. When I was little back in Kansas City I didn't mind the snow, but then I had to start shoveling and I hated it...

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