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    I want to thank Gaiamon!

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    by , 02-08-2008 at 02:41 PM (2106 Views)

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    In my last blog entry gaiamon mentioned that my squirrel problem may just be something else...

    "As to tree damage,something else is going on thats prehaps you are not observing;ie woodpeckers and other wood borers,for most animals donot destroy their base(land,water,food source etc,unlike humans do....."

    The brother was not lying.

    As I walked out to survey the latest winter storm results once again I saw wood shards all over the snow banks under the maple tree.

    I looked up and OMG..

    This is a very good size red-headed woodpecker. It was carving yet MORE holes into the poor tree.

    Several feet above this were also some very peeved squirrels.

    The woodpecker could have cared less about any of us. It sat still (It obviously was not afraid of me or my son) for a good while. I crept way slowly as I could so that I could get my camara and left my son to watch him. When I came back my sudden movements sent him higher into the tree.

    It eventually came back down to further put the finishing touches on the new and improved bigger holes it had just finished carving into the branch.

    This newest resident of the maple tree is usually found to the south of where I'm at and comes to my area during the summer to breed. (Which is the reason why I dismissed something like this would be drilling holes of this magnitude in the middle of a winter like this.)

    It likes to make its nest in dead or dying trees.

    Likes to eat insects, primarily carpenter ants and wood-boring beetle larvae, fruits, and nuts.

    It should be a very interesting wildlife season around here. I can now understand why the squirrels are not happy. Squirrel competition... BWAHAHAHAHA!!

    Sucks to be a squirrel in this tree now.

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    1. Mamazen's Avatar
      Ok...I had to find out more about this particular bird....

      My poor tree is pretty much toast..

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    2. Draptomania's Avatar
      You got a zoo up in that tree! I hope it is not close to your house,just in case it gets TOO bad...

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    3. Mamazen's Avatar
      It's right in front of my house Drapt.....on the city's side though. The sidewalk is the demarcation point.

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    4. Draptomania's Avatar
      Ut oh. Not that long ago, a bad storm came through and I came home to find a tree IN my wasn't a fun experience. Got it fixed the next day though...glad it wasnt my tree

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    5. Mamazen's Avatar
      Yeah...I am worried about that too. However I do know that the city would have to pay for my brand new house since it's their tree.

      I still don't want that big ass tree to fall though.

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    6. Draptomania's Avatar
      Yeah...the property owner had to pay for my repairs..still cost me 500 bucks though I'm just glad I wasn't at home when it happened...on a positive note, it did inspire me to put greenery in my living room.

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