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    pyscho-babble 2

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    by , 07-13-2010 at 01:16 PM (725 Views)

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    The poetry behind what is, is uncompromisingly truthful. Regardless, of if you take your daily dose of disillusion the reality of consequence has a sobering resolution. And, all the more confusing but seemingly amusing is in the reasoning we employ to blot out the noise. Distracting our inner intellect with toys to prove that we are better than all the other girls and boys. Yet, at the behest of ignorance the ploy lies unseen. I do not claim to be keen but it seems the quest for meaning has become meaningless and truth has been trivialized into two dimensions of extremes. We live in a day and age where education is a twisted combination of socialized regurgitation and intellectual deprivation. Leaving me to question, whose benefiting from our situation? How is it that debt has become wealth and why are we so stressed over material preoccupation? It is because we lack the imagination to build a self perception that reinforces who we are with validation; Maybe so. All I know is that hell is hot and dark

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