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    pyscho-babble 4

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    by , 07-13-2010 at 01:33 PM (548 Views)

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    The absolute in that I am still struggling to comprehend but I'm sure that there's more to the reasoning behind the trend besides conditioning. However, as I was mentioning, our capacity to make distractions to fend off disaffection is the precipice of human evolution. Although, I find it confusing and yet, somewhat amusing that life is so condensed to the pretense of reacting and adapting. When observing the perfection in the design of the human brain I can't help but feel a shamed that this is as far as we came.
    Most of our successes, and I'm sure someone will contest this, has rested in greed and conflict. My question is, where is the balance in all the bullsh!t? Why are we stuck on petty preoccupations and winded conversations about issues not worthy of the contemplation? When I gauge the phantomable, I tread lightly but not from fear of the unknown. I tread lightly to enjoy the time I have on this earth before it is gone.
    In it I shall sow the seeds until all has been sown and carve a little place of my own to watch it grow.

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