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    pyscho-babble 6

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    by , 07-13-2010 at 01:47 PM (916 Views)

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    Its interesting how life has an answers for all our questions. Although, the answer is often dependent on the proximity of one's perception it is truly a beautifully reassuring thing. I am sure many take comfort in depending on others to define reality, purpose, and pleasure. I'd whether dedicate my time questing than festering for a book, a preacher, politician, or teacher. Life is a theater, an improvised note, a series of poetic quotes, the rose and its thorns. Why live life in servitude of the norm? Why be consumed by the need to conform? We are born to die indeed but it is the truth in our mortality that drives hue-manity. Break free from the mental monotony and declare your own reality. Let nature nurture the wisdom that naturally is. Take the time to feel, to think, and to live life.

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