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    pyscho-babble 7

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    by , 07-13-2010 at 01:56 PM (694 Views)

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    Race in America is often expressed as a synonym for class. However, this very concept of race/class has evolved into a cultural identity. I like to call this identity the Caucasian centered cultural paradigm. Everything around us is defined by this paradigm; how we act, what we believe, and who we are as a people. We even gauge our intelligence on how well we reflect Caucasian Culture. All of these cultural preoccupations are socialized into curriculum and breast feed across the nation. But, the real question is for what? The answer is orderly assimilation. This nation marginalize demographics in order to mitigate resources. Therefore, mass manipulation is used to ensure conformity to a system sustain by an unequal distribution of resources. There's a saying that reads, "To make a man into a slave you must first convince him that he is one." To be terse, we are predisposition to think and act as we do to ensure that our growing population doesn't threaten the power dynamics. Despite the fact that the said power dynamics has only benefited few we blindly supported it. Some may argue that this system; this is just the rantings of a conspiracy theorist. And thus, to those that hold that view my response is, the same social economical issues that affected the black community in 1979 are the same in 2010. (Mass unemployment, poor health care, poor housing, limited education). Which suggests that although a few have been able to sit at the table a; majority of people of our hue are left outside.

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