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    Flexing poetically (Warning graphic language)

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    by , 09-13-2010 at 06:53 PM (525 Views)

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    I woke this morning with the thought of you on my mind. Like clock work the signs fall right in line signifying to me that once again it's about that time. It always start with the thought of your smile, I just loved it how it would soothe me on a rainy day. My thoughts shift from your smile to symmetry of your lips and then to sweetness of your kiss. Depending on the time of the day, my thoughts could sway up or down your body. In my mind, you are the Goddess of my fantasies. I just love to drift on in thought of tracing the outline of your design with the tip of my tongue then working my way up to your nipples to have a little fun. I am enthused with every move, with every moan of pleasure, it gets me so hard that I could enshrine myself within this moment forever. All I would need of you to do is free your mind. Lye back and embraced the sublime,allow your self to feel every inch of you, anticipate the touch as I do what I do. Spread your legs so I may see heaven. While I engulf your clitoris into my mouth hold your breath then count to seven. As I orally massage your pus-c closes your eyes and breathe in then talk to me. Tell me if it feels good, tell me to go fast or slow. Tell me if you are ready to receive me or do you want me to lick on you a little more. Honestly, I am good either way. I could kiss on your lower lips all day or I could slide in. Its all about what you want me to do. We could do it missionary or you could climb up on top of me, and if you are willing to push your luck I'll gladly enter into you from the back as long as you can keep that ass up. Consequently, I tend to go deep and although there may be pleasure in pain there is something about my dick that causes knees to get weak. Judging by wetness of my sheets, I see your pus-c is ready for me. Are you ready for me baby? Nothing is more powerfully sexually than the first stroke. The warm wetness surrounding me, urging me to go in as deep as I can. And When I have reached your sugar walls I pause just to appreciate the feeling. Damn! I came.

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