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    What was it for?

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    by , 09-27-2010 at 10:49 PM (818 Views)

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    What is it all for? For you, for me, for them, and we. For the ancestors whose cries fell nigh as they bore the tide within the black bowels of the beast under the night's sky. For the warriors that fought and gave their lives for the sun to shine high and bring peace and esteem to the red, the black, and the green. For the mothers who were robbed and are being robbed of motherhood. For all the pain, no good shame, uncontainable self hatred, putrid disdain for everything, and the inability to change it. For the children. For our future. For not just ourselves but in remembrance of our teachers. For every soul that stays and stood in quest to reach us and in contempt toward every hand that drew to beat us. This is what it is for. Nothing less and nothing more; the unequivocal, uncompromisable, undeniable, right transfixed to my hue-manity,the only war worth fighting for, the right of sovereignty.

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    1. edwins's Avatar
      alright brotha...

      i like it- especially the part about hue-manity and sovereignty... this denotes some introspection and analysis... i'm feeling it- and i'm glad you decided to stick and stay...

      peace be upon you

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