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    Mayati Sekhmet

    Divine, because I refined my mind...#1

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    by , 05-23-2010 at 06:41 PM (2872 Views)

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    Dear Sisters,
    I want you to know that it is not necessary for us to continue to hold burdens on our hearts.
    And I wish I could tell you that it is as simple as taking our burdens down to the alter. Although it makes you feel good at that moment, its only lasts for so long. Until the next thing goes wrong then it just continues to pile on our minds, and we go on feeling invisible, and misunderstood. How can we be invisible with so much duty on us.
    Well, I began a process, and its funny because its been ongoing. I was distressed, I couldnt understand why at this moment in my life it was so necessary for me to make dots connect. and as always I turned to knowledge. I went on a quest that led me to Dr. Barashango, Dr. Clarke, Dr. Welsing, names I had heard but had yet to really understand what they were saying. And Those names led me to more and more information, and I am constantly studying in my me time.
    The first lesson for me, that I have learned from all this knowledge is the fact that "It would be better for me to be by myself, than to have a counterpart who has no want to know truth". I believe this is transitioning, Preparations that must be made for me to Ascend back to my Throne. I can't change my eating habits, or direct my household with a man that has no want or need to change. We have been fed with this negativity that plauges our black community, and I am done with it. I want no more eurocentric lifestyle in my home, my son will get enough of it from outside. But while we are home, We will govern ourselves as Divine Creations, even if I must lead it alone.

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    1. ArmedResistance84's Avatar
      I hate when people veiw and don't say anything, so I'll be the first to say something,lol. I agree completely with everything stated above. I feel the same way. I'd rather be alone than with a woman that isn't into,I would say, revolutionary change. Once you've turned that switch on inside of you that is educated's hard to deal with someone that isn't even slightly interested in that. You kinda wonder what they are even there for. If I ever have a family, our home will be the safe haven away from the outside world of Eurocentricity. But Women that are that passoinate about this stuff hardly even exist in the southern states. If so, they aren't in Texas.

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    2. Im The Truth's Avatar
      Sister Queen, isn't it amazing how much euro-centric mess is out there when you start paying attention. TV start to seem less cool, material items become less cool. Everything becomes hard to "enjoy".

      Also ArmedResistance to be woke is rare in the North and South. Also there are some members in TX on this forum.

      Uhuru Sasa!

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    3. Mayati Sekhmet's Avatar
      Yes, and its so heavy!!!I used to wonder why everyone had this conspiracy theory all the time, and then I found out we are dealing with world domination, A world of minorities is oppressed by the caucasians. Thats so heavy!!!

      Im a believer in you can't believe anything you see...
      And whats even deeper is alot of My Brothers and Sisters in my neighborhood just dismiss concrete facts brought to them. They won't even go look it up, and always reply, "Shes just on that Black Erykay Ish"...Im just like, wow.
      But If a caucasian brother and sister comes in saying the same exact thing, then they listen...Thats what Oppresion here in Oklahoma sounds like.

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    4. Mayati Sekhmet's Avatar
      Yes, it is a rarity, so many is the under the sleeping spell...But All Im guessing I CAN do is dedicate my life to ressurecting my community...Atleast it gives you a lifetime of things to do.

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    5. Im The Truth's Avatar
      Yes that's why we must learn as much as we can and teach as much as we can. Many times you can believe what you see, hear, or touch in this system. There are some many lies that finding the truth is as hard as finding.... bin Laden lol if he was really being sought after. But you get what I'm saying. These peoples are like devils with mix lies with truths and lies with more lies to the point its hard to know what's right and what's wrong. So much so that what's right becomes wrong and what's wrong becomes right. Since they lies some much I've come to the conclusion that if they says it's right I know it's wrong if they say it's wrong I know it's right.

      Uhuru Sasa!

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    6. Mayati Sekhmet's Avatar
      yep, dat makes all the sense in the world

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    7. Sistahs_Keeper's Avatar
      "There's a world of difference between truth and facts. Facts can obscure the truth. "

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