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    Mayati Sekhmet

    Building The Foundation of Self

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    by , 06-01-2010 at 01:33 AM (2790 Views)

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    I had to let go of a few things inorder to go through this Rites of Passage. I had to let go of Female friends that consistantly did themselves, and others dishonor. I had to leave a couple of lovers alone. They became a mere distraction, and the Truth became more fulfilling than the Rendevous that the lovers became known for. Nothing but Mere physical touch. I even tuned out my family (For the moment being).
    They don't understand, but I have gain a strong Grasp on who I am, and am not. My gossip became questions of exsistence. My excuses became The Hard Ugly Truth, and that led to question why I am weak in these areas, and that led to What am I going to do to stregthen these areas.
    Lots of people think this "African Centered Lifestyle" is merely a rant or rave about injustice. But truly as I study I am learning, it is about the Science, just as well as the History, just as well as Language...See what I understand now is where some people get defeated in life, thats precisely at the moment you tear down your house break the foundation up....The start building on the ground again...Heres to the Foundation OF Self...

    Mayati Sekhmet- Self Teaching Revolutionary Sister

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    1. Sistahs_Keeper's Avatar

      Knowledge of self and identifying with your spiritual calling is a beautiful thing. Bless Up Sista. There's no problem in having to let things and people go. They weathered the storm for as long as they were designed to, but their season just happened to come to an end. Embrace the blessing as your truth comes to light. "Here's to the Foundation Of Self..."

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    2. Im The Truth's Avatar
      Congrats! Stay woke and never go back

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