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    Mayati Sekhmet


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    by , 08-07-2010 at 04:33 PM (5598 Views)

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    Well family, im pregnant...And of course Ive been having those interesting dreams. Last night got me tho...I dreamed me and a couple of members of my family where in some hispanic church, My grandmother become possessed by a demonic force, all the while im watching this, Im not scared but aware that I can make the demon come out of her...So I drug her into the lobby as she was convulsing...and began praying in another launguage to make the demon leave...It worked and I began to work on someone else who was overcome with a demon...Same thing... I though it was interesting, but then not really seeing as though I was raised in a Baptist background in which possesion is just a part of the service. But the whole Hispanic church, the other language I was speaking in...Thats pretty amazing... Im not a dream translator, but its definitely something to ponder on.
    with me studying Yoruba it kind of makes sense...But why demonic forces??

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    1. Im The Truth's Avatar
      Congrats on your pregnancy. I'm not sure what your dream means, maybe you are a healer? Also be sure to practice yoruba not just study. Uhuru Sasa!

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    2. Mayati Sekhmet's Avatar
      Ive had a few dreams that wouldleave me to believe thats my inevitable purpose...Meanwhile, Thank you for the congrats...Now Bro, how am I to practice Yoruba...and their is no one to teach it to me???Remember Im in Oklahoma, so Its hard to find a Baba Hear!!
      Thanks for hitting me up!!
      Uhuru Sasa

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