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    mc shenzy

    what does is it mean to be free?

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    by , 10-02-2008 at 09:36 AM (1067 Views)

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    Wondered how it is to live on under a dollar a day.well,welcome to my side ,my way of life.i was born in the third world,live in the third world.I hear of a good life,never seen one.i hear you say we chose who we are,I never chose this only a mad man would!!
    Where I come from 60% of the population is poor,75% of the population is the youth..
    Unemployment,injustices,illiteracy,ignorance,pover ty….name any vice,we have it in plenty here!. Yes my friend..i come from a slum. Am made to believe am a lesser being. That’s what my music is about.what I see,go through. Ha!!..ha! you guessed it right thats also the reason they don’t play music. I give them the truth,I fight for hip hop.

    What inspires me..change,hope tommorrow will be a hear of starvation,am earn less than a dollar a day,you work 12 hours a cannot even afford the basic neccessities. I call it slavery. They say knowledge is power.what if you too poor to afford,what if someone made the situation that way? What if you raised concerns,will find you dumped in a mogue!. Is change worth that?
    We vote,yet we cant vote them out! We are over taxed to pay their salaries,yet them they don’t pay tax.their kids go abroad for education,yet ours are illiterate..but we still pay for them!!

    Again I say am hip see,a poor man steals a loaf of bread because he is hungry! He is sentenced to 15….20..30 years in prison. He is rich,he stole publis finances,he starched them abroad…the judge smiles at him and says’ I order a commision be established to investigate the “allegations”…the people chairin the commision,fellow thieves,comrades…

    My music is about walking down the nairobi streets,am arrested…I don’t bribe the police am in for anythin they’ll thinks suits me.what do expect the police are underpayed….what if they,they stopped me I walked way..they shoot me .you’ll here the commisioner go” after a two hour fearce battle with the dangerous,wanted criminal
    The police managed to recorver”two toy pistols”……
    But you I see things deferently….am hip hop.i want to see change.i want to see equality.i want to see my people understand themselves..get their dreams.
    My thirst for change gave birth to a movement” the voice of the underground”
    This is where we speak our limitations. Yep am hip hop!! Let it be known.
    We teach the youth to speak about more positive and conscious topics in hip hop instead of the usual violence glorifying of materials possessions.
    Our youth will pursue a successful future; have a better understanding of their developmental abilities in the areas of mental, physical and social growth, so they can make a positive contribution to their own lives, their families, their local communities and in society at-large.
    Current project:
    We are currently working on a documentary “The Culture” (Hip-hop Kenya) the documentary is all about hip hop, the hip-hop scene in the country. We are getting in touch with the Emcee’s, Deejays, Radio station (presenters), event organizers, hip-hop fans themselves & more….
    Future Projects & Programs:
    • Mix tapes-This program will help the underground hip hop artists promote & showcase their talents. Through mix tape we will be able to reach thousands of our fans & it will also help artist sell their work.
    • DRESS FOR SUCCESS - This program is designed to teach the youth about the importance of dressing for success. The youth will learn what to wear and what not to wear when going on a job interview.
    • TEEN CENTER - The teen center will be designed to meet teens where they are, providing them with positive alternatives to street life. VOTU will work to divert teens from negative activities while providing them with positive/creative activities that they can enjoy and learn from. The Teen Center will focus on engaging teens by using popular contemporary art forms by exposing them to technology and training in music and video production.

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    1. Sourakhata's Avatar
      Right On Brother, we hear you!!
      We support every work that promotes the education & the emancipation of our people by whatever means & wherever on the globe! You're at the right place to build on.

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    2. tanya f. baby's Avatar
      I feel you my brotha, I feel you. We as Africans have no idea what it means to be free. We are not free, just merely licensed. Don't worry you can speak how you feel here, and know that we all hear you. KEEP KICKIN' THE TRUTH TO YOUNG BLACK YOUTH!!

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