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    Farrakhan Vs Elijah/the Real Nation Of Islam

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    by , 02-18-2013 at 12:59 PM (1643 Views)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mordecai_7 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by ShakaZulu View Post
    Bismillaah ir Rahmaan ir Rahiim. In The Name of GOD, The Most Compassionate, The Most Merciful. As salaamu 'alaika, Mordecai_7

    Black history claims the Dravidians, (of India) as the original Hebrews. There are also (I am told) black Hebrews, in Nubia. Where will you find the children of Israel today? Or, are you (and others) intending to follow the black Hebrew Israelite, presently in Israel? Whom do you (all), claim to be? It would appear that you all, have some choosing to do.

    Muhammad S.A.A.W. did not claim to be Jewish; there are some Jewish Arabs. Muhammad S.A.A.W. need not be of the children of Israel to bring a message to the Jews. You admit that the message to the children of Israel is in The Holy Qur'an!

    "Then ascended Jesus to the place whence the scribes were wont to speak. And having beckoned with the hand for silence, he opened his mouth, saying: 'Blessed be the holy name of God, who of his goodness and mercy willed to create his creatures that they might glorify him. Blessed be the holy name of God, who created the splendour of all the saints and prophets before all things to send him for the salvation of the world', as he spoke by his servant David, saying: "Before Lucifer in the brightness of the saints I created thee."" Chapter 12, The Gospel of Barnabas

    "God hid himself [from Adam and Eve], and the angel Michael drove them forth from paradise. Then, Adam, turning around, saw written above the gate, There is only one God, and Muhammad is Messenger of God. Weeping, he said: 'May it be pleasing to God, O my son, that you come quickly and draw us out of misery.'" Chapter 41 The Gospel Of Barnabas

    "Truly I say to you, that every prophet when he is come has borne to one nation only the mark of the mercy of God. And so their words were not extended save to that people to which they were sent. But the Messenger of God, when he shall come, God shall give to him as it were the seal of his hand, insomuch that he shall carry salvation and mercy to all the nations of the world that shall receive his doctrine. He shall come with power upon the ungodly, and shall destroy idolatry, insomuch that he shall make Satan confounded; for so promised God to Abraham, saying: "Behold, in your seed I will bless all the tribes of the earth; and as you have broken in pieces the idols, O Abraham;, even so shall your seed do."" The Gospel Of Barnabas Chapter 42

    "Faith is a seal whereby God seals his elect: which seal he gave to his Messenger, at whose hands every one that is elect has received the faith. For even as God is one, so is the faith one." The Gospel Of Barnabas Chapter 90

    True Israel The Seed of Jacob - Black Hebrew Israelites

    The Black Jewish or Hebrew Israelite Community

    Yahweh Ben Yahweh


    Wassalaam. ShakaZulu

    You will today find The Children of Isreal here in the wilderness hell of North America... the so-called American negro. We have no choosing to do because we know who we are. (Read the back of the Muhammad Speaks---What The Muslims Believe.) We are the true Jews of the scripture... That people who was in bondage in a land not their own for 400 years. No other people on earth fits that descrption other than the so-called negro here in the wilderness of North America.

    The whole point of your conversation is that you are trying to prove to me that The Honorable Elijah Muhammad,(Peace Be Upon Him) was not a Prophet of Allah. You cant prove that because the Truth is self evident. What I dont understand about you is why you cant accept that Allah sent the so-called Negro here in the wilderness hell of North America a prophet to raise us up out of our down trodden and poor (moral) condition when he sent Muhammad Ibn Abdullah (PBUH) to the Arabs, whose condition was not half as bad as our own. The Qur'an tells us that Allah does this... sends prophets to a fallen people. However, what I do understand about you is that you have finally acknowledged that Muhammad of 1,400 yrs ago (PBUH) was not a Jew, nor of The Children of Israel. So, you try to confuse the situation by citing the Dravidians and Nubians... but you left the Falashas out. In any event, you are confused about 61:6 as much as the Imams are, so you are attempting to obfuscate the dialogue with this non-sense about "Which Jew are you." If you acknowledge the TRUTH of it, you have to accept The Hon. Elijah Muhammad (PBUH) as that Ahmad spoken of, and you would have to accept that THERE IS NO (GOD) ALLAH BESIDES THE HUMAN BEING MAN. But because God is A MYSTERY and A SPIRIT UNKNOWN to you, you can only rationalize with scriptures that you dont even fully understand. Beyond that, you know I told you THE TRUTH before... if you acknowledge THEM (PBUH) as Ahmad, you must come to the realization that The Arabs have no right to collect zakat; that they have no right to teach the doctrine of a spirit Allah; and that they have no right to run a mosque anywhere. You know this to be the TRUTH, which is why you tried to confuse the identity of The Children of Israel.

    When TRUTH comes Falsehood must perish... Qur'an 17:81.

    Question: Did you used to be Catholic before you converted to Al' Islam ???

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