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    Farrakhan says new beginning for Nation of Islam

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    by , 02-18-2013 at 01:10 PM (19583 Views)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mordecai_7 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by XXPANTHAXX View Post
    CHICAGO The Nation of Islam, a secretive movement generally closed to
    outsiders, has planned a rare open-to-the public event at its
    Chicago-based headquarters in what the Minister Louis Farrakhan deemed a
    "new beginning" for the group.

    Hundreds of religious leaders of different faiths have been invited to
    the event planned for Sunday, a rededication of the group's historic
    Mosque Maryam on the city's South Side. Farrakhan is scheduled to speak.

    "We have restored Mosque Maryam completely, and we will dedicate it to
    the universal message of Islam, and the universal aspect of the
    teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad," Farrakhan said in an
    invitation letter. "It represents for the Nation of Islam, a new

    The event comes just weeks after the death of Imam W.D. Mohammed, the
    son of Nation founder Elijah Muhammad, who broke with the group and
    moved thousands of African-Americans toward mainstream Islam.

    The Nation purchased the mosque, a former Greek Orthodox church, in 1972
    and has since been making renovations. The stately 1948 structure,
    embellished with a golden dome and topped with an Islamic crescent moon,
    is adorned with Quranic verses in Arabic.

    Experts say opening the mosque's doors to the public is a calculated

    "It is a very conscious effort to open the mosque up to the community
    and to rededicate the community to learning about Islam," said Aminah
    McCloud, a professor of Islamic studies at DePaul University.
    "Previously, the Nation has been open to people coming to visit it, but
    its members don't generally go anywhere else ... now there is a
    concerted effort."

    While the Nation has espoused black nationalism and self-reliance since
    it was founded in the 1930s, in recent years members have reached out to
    other groups. For instance, the Nation has a Latino liaison and has
    become involved in immigrant rights rallies and marches. Also, the
    Minister Ishmael Muhammad, a top assisting minister at the mosque and
    widely thought to be a potential successor to Farrakhan, has talked
    about unity between all people, at times speaking in Spanish.

    Farrakhan, 75, has haltingly tried to move the Nation toward traditional
    Islam, which considers the American movement heretical because of its
    view of Elijah Muhammad as a prophet among other novel teachings.
    Orthodox Islam teaches that there has been no prophet after Prophet
    Muhammad in the seventh century.

    He's also played down some of the group's more controversial beliefs.
    The Nation of Islam has taught that whites are descended from the devil
    and that blacks are the chosen people of Allah.

    The event on Sunday also wraps up a week of events marking the 13th
    anniversary of the Million Man March, which Farrakhan began in 1995.
    That year, hundreds of thousands of people traveled to Washington, D.C.
    to participate.

    On Thursday, Farrakhan spoke to inmates at Cook County jail urging self
    improvement, atonement and reconciliation, principles the Million Man
    March promoted.

    Those values "can help reduce violence and anti-social behavior ... and
    have universal significance and will benefit those willing to listen,"
    according to a statement from the Nation.

    Farrakhan's Sunday speech will mark his second major public address this
    year and is among several smaller community and religious events he has

    His public appearances have surprised many since in 2006, he seceded
    leadership to an executive board while recuperating from serious
    complications from prostate cancer.

    In February, Farrakhan appeared at an annual Saviours' Day event in
    Chicago and called Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama the
    "hope of the entire world" that the U.S. will change for the better. The
    Obama campaign quickly denounced Farrakhan's support, because of past
    comments about Jews that many have called offensive.

    In the past months, Farrakhan has attended funeral services of W.D.
    Mohammed and Jabir Herbert Muhammad, both sons of the late Elijah

    This says it all...

    The UNIVERSAL MESSAGE OF ISLAM is nothing more than so-called orthodox Islam, the same thing Farrakhan followed Wallace (Warith) Deen Muhammad into back in 1976.


    "We have restored Mosque Maryam completely, and we will dediate it to the UNIVERSAL MESSAGE OF ISLAM, AND THE UNIVERSAL ASPECT of the teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, "Farrakhan said in an invitation letter. "It REPRESENTS A NEW BEGINNING."

    This so-called "new beginning" is nothing more than the same old soup reheated. Minister Farrakhan is slowly taking his followers back into the same Old Islam that he himself followed Wallace (Warith) D. Muhammad into back in 1976. Farrakhan has instituted Jumah Prayer in his Mosques and has changed Ramadan from December as prescribed by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, (Peace Be Upon Him) to the rotating months of Ramadan practiced by the Arabs.

    Farrakhan himself says that he IS NOT the LEADER of THE NATION OF ISLAM. Farrakhan says that he is the NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE of THEM, (PBUH). Farrakhan's followers will tell you that "changes come with time." A valid point, however, ONLY A LEADER CAN IMPLEMENT CHANGE. If Minister Farrakhan is only a [National] REPRESENTATIVE, then he has to REPRESENT that which his leader & teacher (The Hon. Elijah Muhammad) taught. In this he has failed. Farrakhan IS NOT FULLY REPRESENTING THESE TEACHINGS. E.g., during the Million-Man March Farrakhan launched a massive voter registration drive and encouraged his followers to vote. This is a DIRECT CONTRADICTION to the teachings of THEM, (PBUH):


    II. THEM, (PBUH) taught us to not vote, or participate in the U.S. political system; and

    III. Whenever you heard THEM, (PBUH) speak publicly, he always began In The Name Of Master Fard Muhammad, to whom all praises are due forever. In Minister Farrakhan's Final Call articles he always begins with Bismillah Al' Rahman Al' Rahim. Never with the name of God in Person.

    In the Final Call for December 8, 2009, Vol.29,#9 Farrakhan says COME OUT OF HER. The article begins on P.3: FARRAKHAN: America's Time Is Up.

    At pp. 6, Minister Farrakhan states: "I cannot accept or take any credit for what I do; for what I do, I do in his (Elijah's Muhammad's) name and I could not do anything of value without him. It is his guidance that I function from," he added.

    At pp. 9, Minister Farrakhan stated: " Elijah Muhammad said that he met with God. I as not there, but I Believe because I never heard any Blackman stand in America and challenge the government of

    At pp. 11, The Final Call had this to say: Going back to Part 1 of his (Farrakhan's) lecture series on Nov. 15, he (Farrakhan) reiterated that time is the measurement between two events. Referring to Sura 103 titled Al' Asr, in the Holy Qur'an, the book of scripture of Muslim's, the Minister sais this refers to the setting of the sun on the Power of the Western world and it's rulers.

    I. If any of this were TRUE in the mind of Minister Farrakhan, he would not be trying to INTEGRATE his followers with the White world through so-called Orthodox Islam;

    II. If this were TRUE in the mind of Minister Farrakhan, he would not be registering his followers to vote, nor would he encourage them to participate in the U.S. political system;

    III. If this were TRUE in the mind of Minister Farrakhan, he would give you a constant reminder of the name of Master Fard Muhammad, to whom all raises are due forever everytime he spoke or opened an article; he would remind you constantly that Master W. D. Fard Muhammad, to whom all praises are due forever, CAME BY HIMSELF; he would constantly remind you that God in Person is the Saviour of the Black Nation; and he would constantly remind you that ALL PRAISES ARE DUE TO HIS HOLY NAME FOREVER.

    IV. If Minister Farrakhan were TRUTHFUL, he would not be CHANGING THE TEACHINGS of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, (Peace Be Upon Him) to pander to the Arabs. He would REPRESENT the teachings.

    The Most Honorable Silis Muhammad says that TRUTH IS THE ACT CONSISTENT WITH THE SPOKEN WORD. The actions demonstrated, and abovementioned by Minister Farrakhan ARE NOT CONSISTENT with the words spoken by him and, therefore, Minister Farrakhan iIS NOT A TRUTHFUL PERSON.

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