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    A time of trouble and a time of war

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    by , 02-26-2013 at 03:29 PM (4837 Views)

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    According to The Most Hon. Silis Muhammad TRUTH IS THE ACT CONSISTENT WITH THE SPOKEN WORD. Sometime around 1993 a brother named Clo-wee (phonetic) Muhammad ( a minister of The Most Hon. Silis Muhammad) asked me: “What are you goIng to do when the War comes?” My reply was: “I don’t know.” I replied this way because I DID NOT KNOW WHAT WAR HE WAS TALKING ABOUT. Twenty Years later, the spoken word of this brother is consistent with Act(s) of War perpetrated by The Nation of Islam (Farrakhan) against The Lost-Found Nation of Islam (Silis Muhammad). In spite of this, the War appears to have very specific meaning for me, personally. I must give you, the reader, some background In hope that you might better understand.

    The Most Hon. Silis Muhammad once taught a lesson entitled THE FORMULA AND THE RECORD. He (Mr. Muhammad) explained that biblIcal scriptures are FORMULA’s. These are akin to movie scripts in which ROLES ARE PLAYED. Malcolm X was in the FORMULA of Aaron of the Book, HAVING BROUGHT THE PEOPLE to The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad (PBUH) who was Moses of the Book. Malcolm was also in the FORMULA of Absalom, a son of King David. The Most Hon. Silis Muhammad pointed out that just because one was in a FORMULA, he or she was not guaranteed to complete the RECORD. The death of Malcolm X was the prophetical death of Absalom, who in scripture was killed by three darts to his heart. In the aftermath of this event, Minister Louis Farrakhan was placed in the FORMULA of Aaron of the Book. He (Farrakhan) is today completing the RECORD thereof.

    We, the wise Muslims, know that The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad (PBUH) was Moses of the Book. NO MAN in the past 6,100 years, other than The Last & Greatest Messenger of Allah, has ever claimed to have spoken to God (Allah) face to face. (See, P. 17 of Message To The Blackman & compare Exodus 33:11.) Messenger Muhammad taught us that the bible is 2/3rd’s PROPHECY and 1/3rd HISTORY; and that the Muslim is today fulfilling the Book.

    Now then, how did one Ameer Labeeb Hassan come to the conclusion that he is both Mordecai and Rehoboam of the Book???

    In the early 1990′s, there was talk around the Mosque about a particular brother being the (spiritual) son of The Most Hon. Silis Muhammad, and Mordecai of the Book. This talk didn’t particularly mean anything to me at the time.

    One day I decided to read the book of Esther. I took the decision to read out of curiosity. At the time,I had come into VERY SERIOUS CONFLICT with Captain Yusuf Mahir. All (at the Mosque) went along with him and “towed his line,” so to speak, including the brother who was said to be the (spiritual) son of The Most Hon. Silis Muhammad and Mordecai of the Book.(I thought Cpt Yusuf to be a U.S. government agent and investigated him as such.) Those who were there know the TRUTH of it. On two separate occasions Cpt. Yusuf brandished a firearm in my presence trying to intimidate. At a meeting of the Believers, Cpt. Yusuf told a self serving story alledging that I was not in the Intelligence Department when The Most Hon. Silis Muhammad had given him very speific instruction to put me in that department. Esther 3:2 said: [A]LL THE KING’S SERVANTS THAT WERE IN THE KING’S GATE, BOWED,AND REVERENED HAMAN: FOR THE KING HAD SO COMMANDED CONCERNING HIM. BUT MORDECAI BOWED NOT, NOR DID HIM REVERENCE. This showed me that the brother who was said to be the (spiritual) son and Mordecai of the Book wasn’t either. It showed me that Cpt. Yusuf was that Haman,and that I had to be that Mordecai (who eventually brought the people to the King as Malcolm had brought them to The Messenger.)

    Cpt. Yusuf is no longer there. I’ve no dea what ever became of him.What I am certain of today is that he (Cpt. Yusuf) is no longerinte FORMULA of Haman. The person i that FORMULA today is Captain Kamal Shabazz. (He is completing the RECORD.)

    Also in 1993, I had attended a Sunday Mosque meeting.The HQ’s minister at that time was a brother named Malik Hakim (Now known as Malik Al’ Arkram). He (Malik) asked from the rostrum why the seats in the Mosqe weren’t full, and why more wasn’t being done by the Believers to fill them. Having taken the minister’s words to heart, I took it upon myself to produce a flier usig my own resources. I distributed this flier everywhere I went in Atlanta, encouraging Black people to come to the Mosque.The result of this was that Cpt. Kamal attempted to bring a CHARGE against me for distributing an UNAUTHORIZED flier. (It must be understood that those who run The Nation under Mr. Muhammad today were told many years ago that they would no longer be in positions of Authority when more qualified people came.) Mr. Muhammad, having told me prior to that I was FEARED, caused me to realize that I was and remain a THREAT to Cpt. Kamal and his associates.

    Another event in 1993 was the death of Bro. Tamar Sabree. I never heard anything negative said about this brother, ONLY GOOD THINGS. The day of the funeral, I was a bit disturbed by the fact that I was the only one to offer the brother’s family my condolences. The thing that still stands out in my mind is the manner in whichCpt. Kamal and his associates stood aloof; unfriendly toward the family; offering no kind words and; APPEARING HOSTILE. My conclusion: War on a spiritual plane. Cpt. Kamal and his associates appeared AS ENEMIES, not as Brothers. Having analyzed this futher since that time, it occured to me that EATING TO LIVE WOULD I FACT BE EATING TO DIE. (The wise of you will understand.) So, I have not eaten as a Muslim should. The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad (PBUH) was also a teacher of COMMON SENSE.

    I was once married to a sister named Lateefah Hakim. Sometime after Tamar’s funeral, we were together when I spoke directly to The Most Hon. Silis Muhammad over the telephone. At that time, Mr. Muhammad told me that I would one day be to Him what Malcolm had been to The Messenger. These words disturbed me. Mr. Muhammad said in explanation: “No, no… I mean before he (Malcolm) went bad.” Having studied the life of Malcolm X I learned that he (Malcolm) brought the people toThe Last & Greatest Messenger of Allah. I also learned that The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad (PBUH) regarded Malcolm as a son. This ledme to the conclusion that I had to be Rehoboam of the Book. Rehoboam is the scriptual ONLY SON of King Solomon (The Most Hon. Silis Muhammad) who is the son of King David (The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad (PBUH)) and THERE IS NONE OTHER THAN I. (Sister Lateefah will bear witness to this conversation between myself & Mr. Muhammad.)

    I left Atlanta in 1994 and did not return until 2009, or there about. Upon my return I encountered both Cpt. Kamal and Rabbi Khalid Shabazz. The two served as Asst Supreme Captain’s under Supreme Captain Wali Bahar. At the time, Cpt. Kamal looked upon me with an expression of INDIGNATION. I was seated and did not stand in his presence. (See, Esther 4:9-10.) Rabbi Khalid should bear witness that he had to RESTRAIN Cpt. Kamal. Thus, the word fulfilled “THAT HAMAN REFRAINED HIMSELF.” These factual events are consistent with the FORMULA’s of Mordecai and Haman however, there are those who follow Mr. Muhammad who would deny, disparage, or otherwise discount the TRUTH of this as SOMETHING OTHER THAN TRUTH.

    When I returned again in 2011 there was a concerted effort between Cpt. Kamal and others to take my life. (Rabbi Khalid sent a death threat over the phone of Sister Hanunah R.I. Furqan) Ahmad Alim attempted to orchestrate a hit with Cpt. kamal and others. It is written that Haman made a gallows upon which to hang Mordecai.My life has been in great peril and remains so. This is the significance of the War that Minister Clo-wee (phonetic) Muhammad spoke of many years before. Today, I am certain that Cpt. Kamal and his asociates are ENEMIES OF THE JEWS, which is to say ENEMIES OF THE ORIGINAL BLACK NATION. They are as much an Enemy to The Nation as One trying to DESTROY IT with so-called Orthodox Islam and Scientology.

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