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    FAQ--The Lost-Found Nation of Islam

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    by , 03-07-2013 at 11:46 AM (10184 Views)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mordecai_7 View Post


    As- Salaam-Alaikum

    Dear Brother:
    You are a Muslim. According to your own word, you stand on the UNADULTERATED TEACHINGS of The Last & Greatest Messenger of Allah. You ALREADY HAVE THE ANSWERS.


    I am not going to respond to your post because YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT THE TRUTH IS. I should not have to reiterate that TRUTH FOR YOU, as you should already be STANDING ON THAT TRUTH. Spend some time within your own mind and the TRUTH will become CRYSTAL CLEAR.

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    I am answering your question NOW so that others don't think I have something to hide...

    MESSAGE TO THE BLACKMAN, in America, By Elijah Muhammad (1965)
    OF LAND AND NATIO, p. 222-23

    What we must understand today is the importance of acquiring land of our own. We are no longer a mere handful of people. We are a little better than 22 million in population and increasing. We cannot forever continue to depend upon America to give us a job, send us to school, build our houses and sell us her food and give nothing in return. America was not established and chartered with constitutional guarantees for the Black Man but for the white man. America was not founded to guarantee the freedom and equality of the Black Man and Woman, and, indeed, she is not seeking to grant these privileges to uor people today.

    The so-called negro here in the wilderness hell of North America is in a STATE OF CIVIL DEATH because s/he is (spiritually) deaf, dumb, and blind to the DIVINE NEED OF SEPARATION FROM THE made-man (Devil). You made reference to Garvey and Noble Drew Ali. Neither met Master Fard Muhammad, to whom all praises are due forever and neither was a student of The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). This means that neither WAS DIVINELY COMMISSIONED TO DO THE WORK [that The Most HSM is doing today]. Minister Farrakhan is not even teaching his followers that we must have A LAND OF OUR OWN. He (Farrakhan) has his followers believing that THEY DON'T HAVE TO LEAVE AMERICA. So why do you take issue with the work that The Most Hon. Silis Muhammad is doing ??? You infer that The Most Hon. Silis Muhammad took something from Garvey or Noble Drew Ali when He (Mr. Muhammad) is putting forth the teachings of The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad (PBUH) that you and others like you CLAIM TO BELIEVE IN. Neither Garvey, Ali, Clarence 13X, nor Minister Farrakhan is going to do this work or guide you out of America. Moreover, as a Muslim who says he follows The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad (PBUH), you are remiss to even suggest that a teacher from the past WITH NO DIVINE RELEVANCE has had, or is having, an impact on the teachings of The Last & Greatest Messenger of Allah.

    Not Garvey, Ali, Clarence 13X, or Farrakhan is going to do the work that you take issue with yet, most of you want to criticize, or debate the work that The Most Hon. Silis Muhammad does BECAUSE YOU ARE IN A DIFFERENT BELIEF (based on what Clarence 13X taught) even though you say that you follow The Last & Greatest Messenger of Allah. No real difference from Farrakhan's followers.

    What I don't want is a meaningless debate over INSIGNIFICANT ISSUES such as all the churches you mentioned that are habitations of Devils. [The Beast is the Caucasian Race and it's Religion. The Beast is also two religious leaders who have risen up within The Nation to DESTROY IT, namely Wallace (Warith) D. Muhammad and Minister Louis Farrakhan. The Beast, moreover, is any religious leader standing at this time in opposition to God, whose proper name is Allah, and His Messenger. Their followers are worshippers of The Beast.] The bottom line is that you have to look at what Mr. Muhammad is saying and teaching, analyze it for yourself, and either ACCEPT IT or REJECT IT. It doesn't really matter what I say because you're going to believe what you want to believe anyway.

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